Sunday, 29 November 2015

Dog waks 200 miles to find it's carer!

Shavi the dog - (Image: CEN)
A poor dog was badly injured in a hit-n-run and left for dead. Thankfully her luck improved.

Shavi was living as a stray for some time when she was hit by a car and left with two broken legs and suffering on the cold streets of Rostov Oblast, southern Russia.

Thankfully passersby found and took Shavi to the vet and an appeal to care of her while she recuperates was launched. Only one person responded to the call; 26-year-old Nina Baranovskaya.

Nina cared for Shavi with constant care until fit and well, but as her apartment was very small and she already shared it with her young daughter and several other pets, she rehomed Shavi with a friend almost 200 miles away.

Unfortunately, a mere matter of days later Shavi went missing, much to the distress of Nina and the new owners. Two weeks later and still no news.
 Then one day, Nina while walking down the road, felt something brush by her leg. Amazingly it was Shavi!

Shavi's astonishing journey - (Image: MailOnline)

It's believed that the unfamiliar journey would have taken roughly a week for Shavi. Nina has since said she will not part with Shavi again and is looking for a bigger apartment for them all to live.


Thursday, 26 November 2015

Those dreams we all hate!

We've all had them; those weird dreams that freak us out. Make us die of embarrassment in our sleep.

Whether it's going to school/work naked, searching like crazy for an elusive toilet before publicly soiling yourself or this; the one I personally find the most disturbing.

My teeth! Oh my god! All my teeth are just falling out! All of them!

Anyway, as Annie here says: "sweet dreams "

Friday, 30 October 2015

Doppelgangers on a plane!

Neil Thomas Douglas selfie with his doppelganger
Yup, it seems like just yesterday I was posting a story about "meeting your doppelganger", then today another one turns up!

Neil Thomas Douglas boarded a flight to Galway, Ireland but when looking for his seat it almost looked like he was already sitting there.

This is how he stumbled across his doppelganger and to the delight of other passengers proceeded to take a selfie for Twitter.
Even weirder, it turned out they were both booked in at the same hotel! Not only that! Later, after deciding to go to the pub for a quick drink who should he bump into?.....

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