Monday, 27 August 2007

Nobel Peace (of ass) Prize!

Image-Nobel Peace Medal FrontImage-Nobel Peace Medal Back
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Okay. Here we have the Nobel Peace Prize medal (front and back).
Did you know there is a whole range of Nobel Prizes?
There are Nobel Prize medals for Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, Literature, Economics and of course Peace.
The face of the Nobel Peace Prize medal shows (as you would expect) Alfred Nobel himself.
But if you take a look at the back of the medal (or maybe referring to it as the rear view would be more fitting?, hehe) you will find a picture representing "a group of three men forming a fraternal bond". Ummm ... kay.
The inscription reads: "Pro pace et fraternitate gentium"
Which translates as: "For the peace and brotherhood of men".
Now, take a look at the picture yourself (top right). Is it just me or does that "fraternal bond" those naked guys are forming seem more Village People than Brotherhood Of Man? Hehe.
This last part may not be true, but I heard, if you wear this medal as a medallion with the Rear View showing, you can gain free entry to The Blue Oyster Bar (see vid below). ;)

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