Thursday, 13 September 2007

Make your own Weird Wonderful Web!

Do you like spider webs? Are the spiders in your garden a bit crap at finding the right spot to make a web?
Or maybe you live in a modern trendy designer house, with a modern trendy designer garden and you feel that, if the spiders are going to set up home (uninvited) and squat in your back garden, then they will bloody well fit in with the overall design concept!
If so, then this is the thing for you. Give them stupid spiders some guidance and allocate them some designer accommodation.

With the 'Garden Spider Web Frame' your local arachnid will no longer misunderstand his/your boundaries.
He/she will soon realise that the "solid wood, pre-assembled frame" on the end of a "sturdy garden stake" is the only place to hang out.

The accommodation would suit the young professional and the retired spider alike.
The pre-assembled frame is ideal for the young professional spider who is always on the go and has little time to find the right spot and create an expansive web. You just fill the gap and the job is done.
And for the retired spider the pre-assembled frame cuts out a lot of the hard, laborious building work and provides a sturdy "walled garden" base for your web.
So no more emergency repairs when some blundering fool breaks your home with their face.
And if that wasn't enough, the accommodation also comprises of a "Hideaway" hole (a panic room if you will) to keep you safe.
You may not be able to accomplish the impressive size like these guys from an earlier post, but you will surely accomplish living in style.

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