Friday, 19 October 2007

Aussie signs of ageing!

Cannabis ExtractSilent Pills For Females
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Above are a couple of fine examples of the great signs you can buy from Aussie Tin Signs.
Dr Poppy's Wonder Elixir might be entertaining but Dr Boxwell's Silent Pill for Females sounds like the perfect Christmas gift for the wife. Hehe. describes their merchandise as:
"a range of Aged Tin Signs with an Australian Flavour" and "Australian signage from a bygone era."

They take classic advert designs, make a tin sign out of them and then put them through an ageing process which makes them appear like the real deal (rust and all). And I must say they look great.
Not all of the designs are so obviously Australian like the Billy Tea and Dingo Trap signs. They also have the classic big brands too such as; Coca-Cola, Shell, Vespa (no Mod could do without), Harley Davidson and Michelin.

They are apparently always adding more designs so check out their gallery to see the cool ones they've already got for sale.
And if tin signs are not your thing, they also have the designs on mugs, mouse mats, custom etched/screen printed mirrors as well as other things in the 'Other Items' section.

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