Sunday, 28 October 2007

Homer Simpson does the robot!

Homersapien Evolution
Christmas is coming and Homer's still getting fat!
With Christmas round the corner it's around about now most people are hunting down gift ideas.
Well, this is one for lovers of gadgets and for Simpsons fans alike.

From the people that brought you the brilliant Robosapien here is a great novelty variation showcased at the beginning of this year.
The Homersapien.
The Homersapien, as you can probably guess, does pretty much what the Robosapien can do but of course with added vocal Homerisms.
You can get Homersapien for £69.99 from Hamleys.
They also sell the not so appealing (maybe that's just me) Spidersapien. Yep, you guessed it; Robosapien again but dressed as Spiderman. He also comes with "Spiderman phrases" and "Web- shooter noises."
Note, noises only! He doesn't actually shoot webs (boo). I haven't heard the noises yet myself but I'm guessing they sound pretty much like the sounds I used to make as a kid, when my mum would shout over the balcony from the third floor that my dinner was ready. I would close just my middle finger back to touch the cuff of the sleeve of my itchy 70's jumper and fire my webs up to the third floor, making the appropriate "web-shooter noises". Sadly, on the occasions that my web shooting skills failed me (every time) I resorted to Plan B: I used the stairs.

Spidersapien is also available from Hamleys at £69.99.
For some strange reason Robosapien and Homersapien are suitable for 4 years+, but Spidersapien it suitable for 6 years+.
So bare that in mind when you buy one of these for your husband. Hehe.

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