Sunday, 21 December 2008

Christmas In Oz

IMAGE: Kid feeding kangaroo while it's matingKid helps shagging kangaroo keep his energy up!

It's that time of year again. Christmas is upon us and time honoured traditions are... err... honoured.
But! Are Christmas traditions the same all over the world?

Well, according to this classic video clip from Saturday Night Live, Australians have their own way of doing things.

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

World Toilet Day 2008

IMAGE: Toilet on wheelsToilet on wheels - for bowel movements on the move!

That's right folks! You read correctly. November 19th is World Toilet Day.

In fact World Toilet Day has a serious message. November 19th was the founding date of the World Toilet Organization (WTO) and so they declared it World Toilet Day to raise awareness of their cause. Which is to improve toilets and sanitation conditions worldwide.

IMAGE: Haewoojae the toilet-shaped houseSim Jae-Duck (toilet duck, lol), chairman of a very similar organization called the World Toilet Association (WTA) built a giant toilet sized house last year in Suwon, Gyeonggi-do (Province) to commemorate the WTA's General Assembly in Seoul that year.
The toilet-shaped house is called "Haewoojae", which means "a place where one can solve one's worries," (a euphemistic expression describing a toilet). It was also registered in the Guinness Book of Records as the first and largest toilet-shaped building in the world.

IMAGE: Toilet or horseshoe shaped building on Google EarthBut saying that, there are also the images appearing on Google Earth, of a giant toilet-shaped building in Orlando, Florida. It's a birdseye view only of course and the more I look at it, I can't decide whether I think it's meant to look more like a giant horseshoe on the roof.

A month ago the UK newspaper The Mail On Sunday did an article called "Loo with a view: The world's toilets with the best vistas".
The article has some good photos of toilets around the world with weird and wonderful views. My favourite being the watch tower guard's toilet in Alcatraz.

One of the other great toilets they mention, is the toilet built inside an aquarium at the Mumin Papa Cafe in Japan, as seen in this video below.

IMAGE: Toilet and aquarium comboBut if you thought that having a toilet inside an aquarium was weird, how about the other way round? How do you feel about having the aquarium inside your toilet?
Well if that sounds like your sort of thing, then you can purchase your very own aquarium-in-a-toilet from the guys at Fish 'n' Flush for just $299.

Although, seeing as the toilet is the last place a goldfish usually ends up, it could be thought of as a beautifully illuminated death row for goldfish. Haha.

Friday, 14 November 2008

90th armistice of WWI

IMAGE: British WWI machine gunnersBritish machine gunners in anti-phosgene masks - 1916

I had meant to post this a few days back on the 11th, to mark the 90th anniversary of the armistice of the First World War. But somehow didn't get around to it. But here we are anyway, if a few days late.

It's a short history lesson in the form of animated maps progressing through a timeline from 1914-1918.
Here is a small embedded version.

But if you need a clearer (larger) view then click HERE for full screen.

Source: BBC History.

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Spray to untangle your Slinky?

IMAGE: Tangled SlinkyTangled Slinky - Don't you hate it when that happens?

Are you a Slinky owner? Have you or (usually) someone else not been careful and gotten it into a tangled mess?
Well, if so then you will know what a complete nightmare that is to sort out. Perhaps even impossible!

And even if you are lucky enough to save it before it gets too bad, the Slinky looks all bent out of shape. Especially if it's a traditional metal one.

But wait! Trawling around the internet, guess what I've found? Yep. A "Slinky Detangler" spray!
So if you come home one day to find your Slinky 'murdered' and looking like the picture above (the culprit, knowing how wrecked it is, never sticking around to face the music), fear not, help is at hand.

IMAGE: Slinky DetanglerThe "Slinky Detangler" spray from Sebastian.
I haven't tried it myself, but I'm assuming you just spray on this magical spray and hey presto!
Hopefully it does exactly what it says on the tin.

Available HERE.

Slinky related:
Human Slinky

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Nobody likes a show off!

IMAGE: Nobody likes a show off!Nobody likes a show off! Or do they?

It appears there is a very fine line between impressively entertaining and just plain annoying.

This clip is itself from a film, but it also reminds me of the cool Thai film 'Ong-bak' from 2003. Ong-bak contains lots of REAL martial art stunts rather than relying on special effects or rope work.

But until you track down THAT film, watch the clip below from Never Back Down.

Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Use your cat as a coffee table!

IMAGE: Cat with pigtailsIf you haven't already, then I feel you NEED to check out
It will especially appeal to cat owners, but fans of just silliness in general will also enjoy it.
If you haven't worked it out from the site name, it's a site that displays pictures of 'stuff' on, err, people's cats.

Visitors to the site are actively encouraged to submit their own cat-with-stuff-on pics. And tons of people do. This must be how it is possible for them to publish a new cat pic every hour (sometimes every half hour).

IMAGE: Cat playing XboxWhat you put on your cat is up to you. As long as it isn't injuring the cat (pride and dignity not included), or illegal, I should imagine.

Some people dress their cats up (as above) or place gadgets or toys on them (see left) and sometimes even other pets.

IMAGE: Cat and lizardYou may have seen the site before, but it has recently had an updated image with a few new features. It's worth checking out the old site's archives too, as it houses all the old classic stuff that got the site known and pics you may have seen in their successful 'Stuff On My Cat' books.

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Drinking Decathlon!

IMAGE: Drinking DecathlonDrinking Decathlon - Are you (un)fit enough?

For those of you that feel you missed out, by not taking part in the Beijing Olympics, fear not, you can still take part in the Drinking Decathlon pictured above.

Sunday, 31 August 2008

Cardstacking record holder - Beijing Olympics

IMAGE: Birds Nest Stadium made of playing cardsBirds Nest Stadium of playing cards - built by record holder Brian Berg

Well, the Beijing Olympics 2008 are over. There were lots of amazing sights to see and amazing feats of athleticism achieved.
But did you see everything?

On 17th July 2008 in Hong Kong, Guinness world record card stacker Brian Berg constructed a replica of the Olympic village, including of course the famous "Birds Nest Stadium", entirely out of playing cards.
It took him 20 days of building and he used over 140,000 cards.

This short video doesn't show the actual constructing of the structures but gives you an overall view of how impressive it looks.

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Tattoos for teeth!

IMAGE: Tooth tattoo variousGet your teeth into some art with these tooth tattoos.

So, maybe you've always wanted a tattoo, but have been too worried about pain or infection. Or, you're worried about your body shape changing over the years and what effect that would have on your design.
Perhaps you are looking for something quite discreet. Maybe even something so discreet you wouldn't want people who might see you naked to even see.

What you need my friend is a tooth tattoo! Yep, you heard (read) me.
I'm not sure if they are technically tattoos but the guys at refer to them as

"custom artwork hand painted tooth tattoos"

They can create tooth art for you in the design of celebrities such as Amy Winehouse.

IMAGE: Amy Winehouse tooth tattooAmy Wine'mouth' - Amy Winehouse tooth tattoo

IMAGE: Simon Cowell tooth tattooThey also have examples featuring David Beckham, Tiger Woods, Abraham Lincoln, David Letterman, Elvis and, most disturbingly, Simon Cowell! (pictured right).
Imagine that! Simon Cowell in your mouth! Doesn't bare thinking about.
We're used to seeing him chewing up and spitting out talentless wannabes on TV, now he can help you do that with your dinner.

IMAGE: Micky Mouse tooth tattooPossibly celebrities aren't your thing. But what about some global branding in the shape of a well known cartoon mouse. I wonder what the Disney corporation would have to say about that?
Here they have cunningly photographed it with the image upside down. Haha.

IMAGE: Panda tooth tattooThey also do quite a nice range of real animals, such as bald eagles, falcons, geese, wolves, a very colourful rooster and this nice simple panda.

So it seems you can ask for pretty much any custom design and their artists will give it a go.
It mentions on the website that their

"technicians were trained first to be artists and then taught how to construct teeth."

Apparently, if you change your mind later, the design can be removed from your teeth by your dentist with a little grinding.

Sunday, 20 July 2008


IMAGE: Cat Playhouse cardboard designsCat Playhouse - Help your cat take its role-play to the next level

Any cat owner will tell you that cats lurrrrve playing in boxes. But what games are they playing? What's going on in their furry little heads when leaping in and out of, or peeping through holes made in a box? Maybe, just maybe, our little feline friends are role-playing...

Well, if our cats are role-playing, and pretending to be either an army soldier, a fireman or a pilot, then designers Suck UK have just given you the chance to enhance your cats playtime and really help them look and feel the part.

The wacky designers have come up with their 'Cat Playhouse' range of cardboard "fold it yourself" models, in the shape of either an army tank, a fire engine or a fighter plane.

They come flat packed and ready to fold.
You can purchase them online from Suck UK for £15.00 each. Although, at the time of posting this, their site said that it was a "new range - due in soon".

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Chuck-A-Cheerleader - they don't mind

IMAGE: Cheerleader Toss InstructionsSimple instructions for the Cheerleader Toss game

Here is a nice, weird little game I stumbled across.
You get your chance to throw a cheerleader through the air, across a basketball court. All in the name of fun.

I have embedded a small version of it here as you can (barely) see.
Although, with it being a widescreen game, and me having limited width on here, I would recommend going to the full screen version.

But, for those of you that would like to stay where you are, the instructions are as pictured above and the aim of the game is to:

"aim for baskets and different targets around the auditorium. Hit all ten shots -- in as few shots as possible -- to make varsity"

Your 10 challenges to complete are lined up at the bottom of the screen. For those using the (unreadable) small version, they are:

IMAGE: Cheerleader Toss ChallengesComplete these 10 challenges in the smallest amount of shots

Sunday, 29 June 2008

LA Times macabre map of murder!

IMAGE: LA Times homicide mapLA Times helpfully mapping out the murders of Los Angeles.

Anyone that travels, knows that a most vital bit of kit for venturing into the unknown, is of course a map. But how good is your map? Does it give you all the 'essential' information? What information IS essential?

Okay, so you have a highly detailed up-to-date map. It shows the quickest routes, local amenities, train and bus stations, parking areas and probably places of local interest.
BUT! Does it pin point and highlight for you the local streets with the highest homicide rate so far this year, indicating that it may not be in your best interests (so to speak), to use that route just because it looks the quickest?

Well the helpful folks at the L A Times have a helpful page on their website, listing and displaying on a Google map the homicides in Los Angeles so far this year. A 'murder map' if you will.
They describe it as "a visual interface to The Times Homicide Report".

The Times Homicide Report records all the homicides in the Los Angeles area. Information including, the victim(s), the perpetrator(s) (if known), method of murder, location of murder, age, sex and race of victim(s).
Now this is where the fancy murder map web page comes in.

IMAGE: LA Times murder map filterThe page displays the total homicides in LA so far this year (362 at time of writing).
Below this number, the weekly toll is indicated and displayed across the months, appearing as a bar graph (as seen in pic above).
By default all homicides are displayed on the map, but websites being the commonly interactive things they are, you are able to tick boxes in a filter to only display specific results.

The filter is split into
  • Age
  • Race/Ethnicity
  • Gender
  • Cause of death
  • Day of week
  • Killing by police
  • Suspected domestic incident
Fiddling around with these boxes gets you some interesting results. On the right, under the map, the names of the homicides currently being displayed on the map are listed.
Each name is a link to its corresponding entry in the 'Homicide Report'.

Check out the LA Times Homicide Map here.

Monday, 16 June 2008

Are you feeling your FPS games yet?

IMAGE: FPS gaming vest camoIMAGE: FPS gaming vest blackIMAGE: FPS gaming vest pink
Really feel your FPS games with the FPS '3rd Space' gaming vest.

There are those that say videogames are becoming too realistic. Near photorealistic graphics and frighteningly accurate artificial intelligence immerse the gamer ever deeper into his/her gaming experience. But for some, it seems, the realism isn't enough. They require even more interactivity with their games.

Force feedback in games has been around for quite a while now. The feature that makes your controller jump when you fall from a great height or crash your car, or rumbles in your hand after a particularly large explosion.

But the guys at TN Games have taken things a step further to enhance the game experience of the very popular FPS (First Person Shooter) genre of gaming.
They have come up with the FPS "3rd Space" Gaming Vest. A flak jacket to be worn when playing your favourite FPS game.

TN Games explains on its website that:
"The FPS Vest is an impact-generating device designed to enable you to feel the game's action for the ultimate gaming experience. It contains eight active zones that simulate the direction and forces of bullet fire, crushing explosions, and fear-inducing finger taps as they occur in the game."

The vest comes in three varieties: Black, pink and of course camouflage. The vest/game bundle can be purchased for $169. This includes the vest and TN Games very own 3rd Space Incursion game along with Call of Duty 2.

Sunday, 1 June 2008

Monkey mind control!

IMAGE: Monkey with exposed brainScientists probe the minds of monkeys

Apologies for the two week gap between this post and the last, but I'm afraid it was due to unforeseen laziness.

Time for some weird news I think!
This story is all over the place at the moment. It's one of those stories that could've been easily made up just for the internet. Another internet myth circulated around as fact. When in actual fact this is (errr) actually factual(ly - sorry couldn't resist).

Some (mad) scientists based at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine have managed to hook up a monkey's brain to a robotic prosthetic arm.
The monkey had probes inserted into its primary motor cortex (the part of the brain that controls movement).
Once trained and with its own arms restrained, the monkey was able to use the prosthetic limb to feed itself. Controlling the limb with its brain.

The scientists believe that their research could eventually help amputees and people who are paralysed.

See full story and video: BBC news

Sunday, 18 May 2008

Baby Queen - We're out of Pampers

IMAGE: Queen as babiesBaby Queen sing We're Out of Pampers!

We all know Queen's big hit song - We Are The Champions. But did you know the song was written and performed when all the members of Queen were just ickle babies?

Back then they originally composed it as "We're Out Of Pampers", but as the band grew in maturity they decided the song needed updating with more relevant lyrics. And so "We Are The Champions" was born.
Another tune composed back in their baby days was a little song named "Another one bites the rusk", which I understand, also got the updating treatment.

Below is some archive footage of Queen as babies performing the song in its original form.

Monday, 12 May 2008

Inject some fun into your writing!

IMAGE: Novelty Syringe PenI'm not sure how practical this is, but it's a nice weird idea.
This is a Syringe Pen. A fully working pen in the shape of a syringe, that comes supplied with red liquid to replicate blood. While the pen itself writes with normal black ink.

Apparently this item is popular with medical professionals. In fact, if you are a medical professional, particularly a nurse, then you may find the site this came from quite useful.

The site is called Nifty Nurse and is apparently run by actual nurses, so they claim to "understand the needs of today's nurses and student nurses".
IMAGE: Novelty Bone PenThey can supply you with nursing tools, kits, traditional fob watches, stethoscopes and sphygmomanometers (hmm, I think I shall name my next pet that).

But more importantly, they can supply you with a super-dooper Syringe Pen for £1.49 or the equally silly, but maybe not as cool looking, Bone Pen, also a mere £1.49.

Dog owners may want to avoid this one though, as you may end up having to keep retrieving it from a shallow grave in the garden, (the pen that is - not the dog. Although maybe eventually the dog, haha).

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Knit your own authentic vintage clothing!

IMAGE: Knitted PoodleOkay, here's another post I'll be filing in the 'Weird arts and crafts' section.
I suppose it's not really that weird, except for the fact that the eyes of the poodle in this pic, start to freak you out after a while. And this poodle is/was intended as a pram toy.
Imagine waking up as a small baby and have this demented mutt giving you 'evils'.

So let me explain. This is Poppet the knitted poodle (pictured left). Now, I know some of you may still be traumatised by a previous post about 'painted poodles'. But I assure you, this post will make you feel warm and fuzzy.
Maybe not on the inside but certainly on the outside. That is of course if you decide to follow the directions and make yourself some 'cool' vintage knitwear.

Poppet the poodle can be found at Vintage Purls. A site dedicated to knitting which has a 'Free Patterns' section.
In this section there are several vintage clothing knitting patterns, circa 1920's to 1950's, for men, women and children. Alongside some miscellaneous items like children's pram toys or tea cosies.

All the patterns are free to download and are in PDF format. You will need Adobe's free PDF Reader to view these files. If you don't already have it installed, then I definitely recommend doing so, as it is a popular and useful format used by many websites.

I myself wasn't really interested in the knitting side of it, I just find old photographs and images interesting. Also I was intrigued by the knitted bathing suits made with "coupon-less thread".

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Thrilled to be in prison!

IMAGE: Michael Jackson behind barsHere's a video that is of course not new. In fact it's probably safe to say that it's an internet classic.
But seeing as I haven't yet posted it on here, I feel it definitely deserves a spot on Weird Wonderful Web.

A lot of people, on first seeing this video, thought it to be fake. As in, not a real prison and/or not real prisoners.
But subsequently there have been some documentaries filmed at the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center (CPDRC) in the Philippines to try and gain some insight into why these prisoners, many of whom are violent rapists and murderers, will prance about to 80's pop.

The documentary that stands out for me though, was Channel 4's - First Cut: Murderers on the Dance Floor. If you live in the UK, I believe you can still get to see it on 4OD.
Outside the UK I'm not sure how you'll find it, but it's worth checking out.
The Wiki entry for the Cebu Thriller video briefly mentions said documentary and its investigation of abuse claims. The film tries to discover how the prison governor Byron Garcia gets these criminals to dance, and slightly more sinister, what happens to those that refuse? And why have so many of these tough criminals now got Byron Garcia tattoos?

Despite all that, this video (along with the prisoner's other dance routines) is certainly entertaining.

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Bomb the unicorns!

IMAGE: Dog dressed as unicornHere's a little game for all you unicorn haters out there!

Do you hate unicorns? If so, do you feel yourself being pushed to the margins of society? Driven underground because of your anti-unicorn views?

Well, why not take out your frustration with this little game, and blow them pesky unicorns to kingdom come!

Okay. This game isn't too 'wonderful' but it certainly is 'weird'.
If you can't stand the sight of cartoon blood and gore, or the sight of unicorns being blown to bits, then do not play this game.
(Note: No actual unicorns were harmed in the making of this game.)

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Teenage Mutant Ninja Poodles!

IMAGE: Poodle - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle designTeenage Mutant Ninja Poodle
Yes, seeing is believing! Teenage Mutant Ninja Poodles DO EXIST!
This picture is great. I found it on (the scarily titled) a while back, but can no longer find it on there. But there are other weird and wonderful poodle pics that can be seen there, some of which I have used below.

I wonder if the dog is glad to at least be something cool like a ninja for a change. Beats being sprayed pink. Even gets to wear a cool bandanna instead of a pink ribbon bow.

At first he thought he looked stupid, until he saw this guy (below) coming out of the grooming room.

IMAGE: Poodle - Pink heart design 1 IMAGE: Poodle - Pink heart design 2
Dog wears heart on sleeve, back, head and legs!

Yes that IS hearts all over the poor mutt.
Nothing says 'I love you' like your husband/boyfriend saying:

"Ere luv, I've painted the dog for ya. Now ya can't say I never show you affection! Oh yeah, and that paint we bought for the girl's bedroom ... we probably need some more."

Of course these designs are not just done because the owners are nutjobs. These extreme makeovers are usually for competitions and not just for everyday grooming.
You have to admit, a lot of work goes into some of these designs. All the shaping and the shaving, and then of course the colouring. The designers are basically sculptors.

Even though these poodles and their nutty designs are not really my thing. If I had to pick one, then this one below would be it. Those are pretty well sculptured heart shapes. Haha.

IMAGE: Poodle - Plain heart designPoodle with intricate heart design

The dog's giving you a look like:

"Hearts?! Hearts?! Whayamean f#@king hearts? These are muscles dude!".

Haha. Yeah, whatever pooch.

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Modern/Retro USB Mixtape

IMAGE: Mix Tape USB StickModern mix tape presented in retro cassette tape packaging.

Are you someone that loves gadgets and the modern world, but still consider yourself old skool?
If so then this little gadget should be 'right up your street'.

It's a well known tradition, for courting couples to make loving compilations of tunes. Referred to by some as 'mix tapes', (although there is rarely any actual mixing, as in proper Hip Hop mix tapes).
The 'mix' in lover's mix tapes usually just means a mixture of tunes. Each track carefully selected, to ensure that personal message.

'Back in the day' we would throw some tunes onto a C60 cassette tape for 60 minutes of smoosh.
These days, the majority of people (with a computer) will probably burn a personal CD for their loved one.

Well, now you can have the best of both modern and retro worlds. You get to create your 'mix tape' using modern technology while giving it an old skool presentation.

IMAGE: Mix Tape USB Stick packageThis is the "Mix Tape USB Stick" from Suck UK.
It comprises of a 64MB USB stick, to record your 'lurve choons' on to. Which is just about enough for it to hold roughly 60 minutes of music.

The retro part is the packaging. The USB stick sits inside a C60 cassette tape and the packaging has an authentic lined 'index card' style outer cover, to list the tracks or write personal messages.

Monday, 31 March 2008

Police arrest drunk headbanger!

IMAGE: Man on bike carrying 6 bottles of wineWho says men can't multi-task?

Drunk driving is of course not funny.
Luckily the cops pulled this guy in, and the only damage he is able to do, is to himself (and the wall), and watching him do that, IS funny.

Also, if you listen carefully, you can hear the officer give the drunk driver some useful advice:
"you're gonna have to quit doing that you know?"

Is it just me or is that Elvis back from the dead? Certainly looks like him as he goes out the door backwards.

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Cats Got Knees song

IMAGE: Matrix KittensOkay cat fans, here is another Joel Veitch (alongside Jacqui and Vladimir) creation, via

This is about as silly as it gets. Joel and Jacqui Veitch sing an ode to their cat Vladimir, pointing out for us, that amongst other things, their "cat's got knees, uh huh".
May come in useful for any student vets studying feline anatomy. Hehe.

Full screen version HERE (if you really need to see the silly singers).

For more cat related posts see:
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More than you need to know about LOLcats & ROFLcats

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Man's life for sale on Ebay!

IMAGE:Ebay life searchHas anyone ever told you to "get a life"?
Well where does a person purchase such an item? Ebay of course.

This is the story of 44-year-old Ian Usher who is selling off everything he owns in one big 'life package', as he wants to raise some cash for a life-changing adventure after the break down of his marriage.

Mr Usher emigrated to Australia six years ago from Britain. He is hoping to raise around $400,000 (£185,000) to enable him to start a new life elsewhere.
The 'life package' includes everything he owns in Australia including a car, a motorcycle, several surf boards, his open-planned house with spa, and even his job.

Yes that's right, he has arranged it with his (current) employer at a carpet store in Perth. His employer has agreed to take on whoever wins the auction on a two-week trial with a view to permanent employment.

Mr Usher is said to want to leave Australia with the money in one hand and his passport in the other.

Check out Ian Usher's alife4sale site explaining more.

Also see report on BBC news site.

Sunday, 16 March 2008

The Hannibal Lector look for girls!

IMAGE: Decori MaskAre you a girl?
Do you long for that Hannibal Lector look? Stupid question - of course you do. What girl doesn't?
But, then we come to the age old problem - how do you take on the look of a violent cannibal, while at the same time remaining girlie and feminine?

The simple solution is finally here in the form of Decori Mask.
This excellent kit contains stylish, pretty pink masks.

But that's not all, ohh no. Get this - in the kit there are also various glittery, shiny stickers (WARNING: you may get distracted while handling these objects. Please have a friend nearby to snap you out of the trance if need be.) to decorate and girlify your already cute killing mask.

If you understand Japanese then you might be able to navigate your way round the Tokyu Hands site to buy one of these.
Some of you may know the site name already, as they are the same great people that brought you the amazing Beauty Smile Trainer (pictured below).

IMAGE: Beauty Smile TrainerBeauty Smile Trainer - Faking those smiles just got easier.

A 'must buy' for any parent with a teenager in the house. Either as the perfect gift for the teen to help them relearn the art of smiling, which they sadly will have lost, as one of the side effects of the kid-to-teen metamorphosis.
Or, for yourself, as a parent of a teen. It could help force your face into a pleasant smile, for when you calmly repeat, for the twentieth time this month "no darling, I'm not saying it's ALL YOUR FAULT".
In fact, a fake-smile-face-forcer could be used in many social situations.

Monday, 10 March 2008

Curious creature collection!

IMAGE:Creature From The Black LagoonNot much to say about this one, except to describe it as a compilation of weird and wonderful images depicting strange creatures.
Some are real, some are photoshopped and some, are even art.

You've probably seen many of them before, or had them emailed to you. But somebody has taken the time to stick them all in one easy viewable video.

The video is called "Beastiary of the Weird". Now, experienced internet users may feel slightly apprehensive about clicking on a video with a name like that, but I can assure you it's totally SFW (Safe For Work) as it's on YouTube after all. And anything I post that is NSFW (Not Safe For Work) is of course posted at Weird Wayout Web.

Thursday, 28 February 2008

Goths need love too!

IMAGE:Gomez and Morticia-Goth loveYou may have read a previous post on here, about the goth couple being refused bus travel due to her wearing a dog lead/leash.
But, have you ever wondered how these couples hook up in the first place?

Let's face it, your average goth chap or chappette is not renowned for their desire for social inclusion. So it must be difficult getting to meet new and like minded goths.

Obviously they can spot each other a mile off, walking down the street.
But, just randomly going up to and hitting on someone goth-looking could turn out bad. They may just happen to be someone on their way back from a funeral, and the crying has smudged their makeup.

So, with these obstacles in mind, it's a good job there are sites like, allegedly the "#1 dating site for gothic singles and friends".
Where you can find true, errr, 'happiness'?

Friday, 22 February 2008

Play with Pee & Poo. It's fun!

IMAGE:Pee&Poo plush toysPee&Poo - Breaking taboos but not health regulations.

Any parents of small children, or indeed parents of large children that were once small, will know, that at a certain stage you need to get the message across to your child, that playing with your own urine and faeces is really quite frowned upon in polite society.

So, what better then, just to confuse matters, than if a kind friend or relative such as a grandparent gives your child this lovely, cuddly pair as a present.
Introducing the ever-so-cute Pee and Poo plush toys. The official site actually states that "Pee&Poo can even be used in parenting contexts such as traditional potty training".

Yep, you can just imagine your Health Visitor coming round and asking your child what they like to do best and what their favourite toy is.
"I like to play with my poo and my pee all day, everyday." or even "my pee and poo keep me warm in bed all night. Poo is my favourite. I like to put my poo in my mouth at night when I suck my thumb".

Besides the plush toys there are also keychains, stationary, screensavers, and a clothing range in adult and children's sizes.
Now your baby can have pee and poo on the outside of their clothing as well as the inside.

Monday, 18 February 2008

Ren & Stimpy are crazy about their cannon!

IMAGE:Ren & StimpyWell we haven't had a game for a little while, so it must be about that time.

Here's one that I like. Mainly because it features the excellent Ren and Stimpy. But also because it happens to be fun and nicely done.

The controls are very simple: Up and Down arrow keys to position the cannons angle then hit the SPACEBAR when the Power is at its strongest.
Additionally, hitting SPACE while in the air you can get a little boost (if you have some farts stored up).

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Old meets new - old fashioned eCards!

IMAGE:Old-fashioned postcard-The MasherIf, like me, you like old-fashioned postcards and illustrations then you will probably LOVE Penny Postcards.

Penny Postcards is an electronic postcard (eCard) provider. It also claims to be "spam free". The website states that "your personal data will not be distributed" and that you can use their service "without fear of receiving junk email".

They also have a link that says "Pick Up A Card". I'm assuming that this is for some sort of 'print and post' type service, whereby the card and message of choice gets printed and delivered to a post office for pick up. But without actually using the service, I couldn't view any information on that.

The site has a nice, varied selection of old postcards that you can simply send as ecards. The layout is simple and clearly laid out. You can navigate your way around it very easily using the selection of tags displayed at the top of the main page.
The picture above was found in the "Weird" section. But this more sinister one below was found in the "Weird" and more appropriate "Scary" section. And quite right too.
IMAGE:Old-fashioned postcard-BehaveIs this intended to be sinister or kinky? You decide.

What exactly was the purpose or occasion that this postcard was designed for? And, who said 'yeah, I like that, let's go ahead and produce this'?