Monday, 14 January 2008

'Fro'zen in time!

Image:70s Afro hairstylesThis image is great! It's from a 70's issue of Ebony magazine.
Basically a range of serving suggestions for your 'fro' with great names to match. Originally seen at Meathaus.
And who knew that Richard Roundtree being such a method actor, not only wanted to play the part of a private eye (in Shaft), but also wanted to look the part too, by sporting the authentic "Private Eye" styled fro.

But surely if private eyes of the seventies could be distinguished by their "Private Eye" fro, then this must cause problems with trying to remain inconspicuous while on surveillance?

Don't be surprised if Britney Spears doesn't try to bus' out one of these styles in the near future. Although, she's more likely to rock a Don King, one style strangely missing from this selection.

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