Sunday, 27 January 2008

Just walkin' the goth!

IMAGE:Walking The Dog LP coverHere's a romantic news story from a few days ago, which I forgot to post, doh! Anyway, better late than never, that's what I rarely tend to say.

Bus firm Arriva Yorkshire has been accused of discrimination, for refusing to allow a goth couple to board one of their buses.

IMAGE:Goth coupleThe goth couple, Dani Graves, 25 and his girlfriend Tasha Maltby, 19 of Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, England, were kicked off of one bus and then refused admittance to another.
The reason being, Tasha Maltby likes her boyfriend to lead her around with a dog lead attached to a dog collar around her neck. Although she does walk upright the bus company said it was a matter of passenger safety.
Paul Adcock, Operations Director for Arriva Yorkshire said:

"It could be dangerous for the couple and other passengers if a driver had to brake sharply while Miss Maltby was wearing the lead."

The lead wearing is Ms Maltby's idea and she says that previous boyfriends had called her a "weirdo" for suggesting the idea. The couple insist they "love each other to pieces" and that use of the lead is a "sign of trust".

So are you in a loving and trusting relationship? Well, test how much your wife or girlfriend trusts YOU. Stick a dog lead on her next time you're out shopping and see how much trust and love she throws your way.

Clearly it's no different from ballroom dancing, where the man leads the woman all the time.

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