Monday, 4 February 2008

Estimated time of death?

IMAGE: Clock on coffin-Chema MadozTime to post one of the internet's well known and talked about sites - The Death Clock.
A lot of you will have visited the site before, but some of you will not yet of had the 'pleasure'.

I say pleasure, but you will probably feel that estimating your date of death would be far from pleasurable.
I would say 'have a go'. But if you are very, very superstitious and getting a predicted date of death is going to effect your life (and how you lead it) greatly, then please steer clear.

I wouldn't want to feel somehow responsible for the site telling you "your number's up next week", only for you to then go nuts and have affairs and blow all your savings.

Remember it's just for 'fun' and is just a silly gimmick.

It was the picture above that reminded me of the Death Clock site. Looks like a coffin Public Enemy's Flavor Flav would choose, hehe.
The image is by Chema Madoz. Check out his amazing and beautiful photography, in the gallery section of his website HERE.

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