Monday, 16 June 2008

Are you feeling your FPS games yet?

IMAGE: FPS gaming vest camoIMAGE: FPS gaming vest blackIMAGE: FPS gaming vest pink
Really feel your FPS games with the FPS '3rd Space' gaming vest.

There are those that say videogames are becoming too realistic. Near photorealistic graphics and frighteningly accurate artificial intelligence immerse the gamer ever deeper into his/her gaming experience. But for some, it seems, the realism isn't enough. They require even more interactivity with their games.

Force feedback in games has been around for quite a while now. The feature that makes your controller jump when you fall from a great height or crash your car, or rumbles in your hand after a particularly large explosion.

But the guys at TN Games have taken things a step further to enhance the game experience of the very popular FPS (First Person Shooter) genre of gaming.
They have come up with the FPS "3rd Space" Gaming Vest. A flak jacket to be worn when playing your favourite FPS game.

TN Games explains on its website that:
"The FPS Vest is an impact-generating device designed to enable you to feel the game's action for the ultimate gaming experience. It contains eight active zones that simulate the direction and forces of bullet fire, crushing explosions, and fear-inducing finger taps as they occur in the game."

The vest comes in three varieties: Black, pink and of course camouflage. The vest/game bundle can be purchased for $169. This includes the vest and TN Games very own 3rd Space Incursion game along with Call of Duty 2.

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