Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Plastic surgery to look like Superman!

Herbert Chavez had plastic surgery to look like his hero Superman.
What happens when someone's hero in life is a superhero?

Filipino dress designer Herbert Chavez has had a life long obsession with one superhero in particular; namely Superman.

Herbert doesn't just want to worship Superman, he wants to actually look like Superman. Although it is not quite clear which one exactly.
In his free time he walks around Calamba City, his hometown in the Philippines to the joy and amusement of the children there. 

Mr Chavez has gone to great lengths to appear more and more like Superman. He has had skin whitening injections to lighten his skin and has even undergone plastic surgery to change his nose and face proportions to match his hero.

But he says it doesn't stop there as he plans to have further surgery to change the appearance of his abdomen, also to have metal implanted into his legs to make him taller.

Read more and see the video at: BBC World News

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