Tuesday, 13 December 2016

How to win at Secret Santa!

It's that time of year where if you work in an office there is a good chance someone will have the bright idea that everyone must participate in a "Secret Santa".

It's that lovely seasonal idea of forcing coworkers into the obligation of purchasing an extra gift just to give to a colleague you probably hide your pens from and possibly even hate the sight of.

Amazingly, some people seem to even enjoy the experience. This imgur/reddit user (MitchGittins) even went the whole extra mile to really surprise the recipient by firstly: buying shoes she really wanted and secondly: wrapping the gift to not look like the shoes she really wanted.

Click through the images to see how Imgur user MitchGittins tricked his coworker into thinking she was getting a bear and NOT the shoes she'd had her eyes on. Read the detailed step-by-step description too.

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