Monday, 30 July 2007

The geek shall inherit the Google Earth!

IMAGE: Naughty Google map imageClick on pic for close up!

Google Earth can be great fun to fly around in. Although some people may not have the best PC or internet connection to enjoy it fully. But if you find it too much of a hog on your system, don't forget you can have a good look around with Google maps.
Here are a few sites using Google maps/Google Earth for stuff a little bit more interesting than getting directions.
has a large selection of sights to see such as a "downed aircraft from 1981" and "The world's largest cow". I like the layout of this one. It's simple, easy to use and very clear. Also they invite you to submit any cool sights you've come across on Google Earth for inclusion on the site.

is much the same as Google Sightseeing and just as nice. It also has a large selection of weird and wonderful sights to see from possible UFO sightings to odd map errors. These guys also invite you to submit what you've found on your own Google Earth travels.

This site has a lot of cool Google Earth stuff on it. Clicking on the link will take you to their 'Strange Map Quirks' section which is much the same as the other two sites I have mentioned here. But, if you click on their logo it will take you to their main page where you can find other cool stuff like their Downloads section with weird and wonderful stuff to download and add to your copy of Google Earth.

Saturday, 28 July 2007

Time to monkey around!

Here's a little treat because you've been so good.
This is a great little game. It's looks really nice and the music is good too (well I think so, lol). And it's sooooooo simple but VERY addictive! Don't worry about not understanding the text on the buttons, you don't need to. The top one is PLAY the bottom one is INSTRUCTIONS (but you won't be able to read them unless you know that language).
Okay, so you want the instructions on how to play?
Very handy if you're taking a coffee break or on the phone. All you need is one spare finger to tap the space bar. Enjoy!

Caller ID Spoofing?

Do you rely on your Caller ID to tell you who is calling you?
Maybe you receive prank calls and never answer if the number is withheld. But if there is a number displayed and it turns out to be a prank then you got their number right? WRONG!
Did you know that there are companies that provide the 'service' of Caller ID spoofing? Someone using the service can ring you and display any number they want on your caller ID. Evil minded pranksters could ring you and make it appear that they are ringing from your boy/girlfriend's place late at night just to freak you out. But I'm sure it could be useful if you need to disguise your number for legitimate privacy reasons.
Check out the helpful people at SPOOFTEL for all your deceptive needs.

Friday, 20 July 2007

Graffiti + Girls = Sexy Graff

Image-Graffiti on girls
That's right folks. If you like naked(ish) girls or graffiti or (like myself) both. Then this cool site called SHRIIIMP is for you. Instead of sexy girls just parading in front of graffiti. This site has graffiti ON sexy girls! Woohoo!
The pics seem to be user submitted. If you know your graffiti you may be put off by some of the more amateur submissions, but trust me there are some pics from proper graffiti writers that have done some real intricate styles.