Thursday, 23 August 2007

"Gimme da Loot! Gimme da Loot!" bannerThose of you living in the UK will of course know Loot or 'The Loot' as I seem to remember it being called. Did they change that?
Anyway, for those that don't know, Loot is a free ads paper which very sensibly expanded it's readership years ago by going online as well as in print.
I used to buy it and advertise in it quite regularly at one time, while on the hunt for a Sound Burger. I never did find one in there. And when I advertised my number as looking for one, the only calls I got were from other Sound Burger hunters asking if I had one yet and if I did, could I pass their details on to any further sellers that might call me. At the risk of being hounded and having to change my number I agreed and dutifully made a note of their details with my magic invisible pen. I feel no guilt in not writing their details because, as it turned out, I was NEVER offered a Sound Burger from anyone.

Of course these were the days before I had the Weird and Wonderful Web. Once I finally got into the online world and heard about Ebay I thought - Yes! This is it! I'm finally going to get me one. And then, I got the horrible wake up call of how much other Sound Burger hunters were willing to pay to purchase one of these (much sought after) tacky plastic portable turntables. Suffice it to say, it was out of my league.
But I digress. The reason for this post about Loot has nothing to do with my Sound Burger dreams.

Recently I have had the need to call upon Loot once again while looking into house exchanges. Loot has a property section that has sub sections for Renting, Buying and Sharing. It was while browsing this (quite frankly, dull (not the newspaper but the subject matter)) section that I came across these two oddities:
  • Firstly there was THIS ONE placed amongst the 'House Exchanges' where they have amusingly placed a 'Horse Exchange'. Offering a Shetland Pony in exchange for a 2 bed property.
  • And secondly THIS ONE: Not only taking the risk of inviting a stranger to share a room in their home, but incredulously inviting a stranger to babysit their child every Friday in exchange for the lower rent! Did someone say "Social Services"?

Some of you will probably think I (or someone else) have photoshopped these pics (well only to drop my URL and a bit of highlighting). But I can asure you that they are genuine advertisments published in the current Loot.
I have provided the screenshots as well as the links to the actual ads, because the ads in Loot only last a week or so and the links may be dead by the time you read this.

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