Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Go Internet, it's ya birthday!...or is it?...

Image-Two tin cans attached either end of stringI'm a little confused. I'm pretty sure I saw on AOL news the other day that The Internet is celebrating it's 16th birthday. I couldn't find the story again to place the link here, but while searching for it I came across all sorts of ages for the Internet. I wanted to clarify this birthday thing so I went to the people that know: WORLD WIDE WEB CONSORTIUM (or W3C). On their site I found a history section that shows a timeline starting from 1945 up to 1995. So after reading that everything became as clear as mud. You ever heard the saying "the more you read the less you know"?
From what I can gather, is that the 16 year age seems to relate to the term 'WorldWideWeb', the name Tim Berners-Lee gave to the first web client and server he wrote in 1990. Although that would make it 17 surely?
Hhhhhhanywayyy! Whatever its 'official' age, it has evolved into something very different from its beginnings. Here is a great video of the early days. Not quite as bad as the picture above on the right, but kids today viewing this video might think so. Hehe.

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