Wednesday, 1 August 2007

In the middle of a chain reaction...

Image-Chain of sugar made at CandyFabWell this is sweeeeet. Literally!
You know those days when you think to yourself: "Ooh damn! What I really need is a large chain made entirely of sugar. But wait! Where the hell am I gonna get me one?".
Well, check this site out called which is all about the CandyFab Project where they use/misuse Rapid Prototype Technologies. You know the sort of thing. Where a physical 3D object is created from a 3D computer program. Used to make 'Rapid Prototypes' of future products in the design stages. Not sure what they normally make the 3D objects from but these guys use sugar. Not only are they willing to share their mouthwatering magical making skills with you, they encourage volunteers to help or even make your own CandyFab machine. Woohoo! The very thought of having a machine that will make 3D sculptures of anything I want and made entirely of sugar really brings out the Homer Simpson in me.
Drooling HomerHomer Doughnuts

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