Saturday, 11 August 2007

Inspect the gadget!

Image:Things You Never Knew bannerTHINGSYOUNEVERKNEW.COM is a great little shopping site if you are on the lookout for something weird and wonderful for a gift or for treating yourself to that must-have novelty item that will become the talking point of any guests to your freakish dwelling you call home.
I can't really decide on a favourite item on this site but here is a selection to whet your appetite.

  • Image:Amazing Faucet LightFirst up, the "Amazing Faucet Light" (or tap light if you are in the UK). This is a little heat-sensitive gadget. Running water activates the LED that lights up the water. Red for hot. Blue for cold. But before you think 'wow that will be a great safety feature for my children around hot water', the site clearly states that the 'Amazing Faucet Light' is "For amusement purposes only. Not a safety device". Well if this isn't a safety device, is there a version out there that is. Because I think this is a great idea. Not only would kids (and big kids) love the cool light show it would also be a good visual aid for younger children to distinguish at a glance between water very hot and water very cold.
  • Image:Backwards clockNext up, a Backwards Clock. When you're bored or waiting for something , do you ever feel like time is slowing down, stopped or even going backwards? Well get yourself this cool clock and time really WILL be going backwards! Okay, so time won't actually be going backwards, but your clock most definitely will, while at the same time still be showing the correct time. Great for baffling your guests (and yourself until you get used to it, hehe).
  • Image:USB pole dancerAnd now, what has to be THE most essential gadget around...The USB Pole Dancer!!! Woohoo! This lil lady (12" tall) is described as a "bikini-clad hottie" that "spins and wiggles around the pole atop a stage complete with colourful lights". You just plug her into a USB port on your PC or alternatively you can plug her into your MP3 player of choice and she will 'do her thang' to what ever music you are playing. All for the measly sum of $46.98 (roughly £23). Not much to shell out for this ESSENTIAL (yes essential) piece of kit. Hehe.

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