Tuesday, 7 August 2007

LOOK! We found Bin Laden (with food)

Image-Recycle binDo you know what an 'Urban Forager' or a 'Freegan' is?
If you live in America you may know it as "Dumpster Diving". Most people in the UK would probably refer to it as 'Dustbin Raiding'.
As a kid growing up, one of the big things to avoid was being branded a Dustbin Raider. You could NOT for ANY reason whatsoever risk anyone catch you retrieving something from a bin. Woahhhh no! Regardless as to whether you dropped the item in the bin accidentally, the item was of great value or the item was something you needed for your medical condition. Better to hope you can get home and find that spare inhaler or polish up your largest marble to replace that expensive glass eye. If you really, really, REALLY needed the thing back then you would need to come up with some elaborate (Hannibal from THE A TEAM worthy) plan to retrieve the item while not being seen. The risk of being branded a Dustbin Raider and cast out by your peers was a serious concern when I was a kid.
So imagine my surprise when I came across THIS NEWS STORY on the BBC site concerning 'Freeganism' (a combination of 'free' and 'vegan'...don't ask). These guys are even boasting about their rat-like raiding. They consider supermarket rubbish bins as the ultimate recycling bin. It's all a part of their "Freegan philosophy of ethical eating".

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