Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Use protection on your banana!

Image:Banana BunkerI know what you're saying: "More talk of sex toys! The man's obsessed!".
Well, you can be forgiven for jumping to that conclusion because that's exactly where my mind went when I saw this picture on it's own.
I tried to guess what the gimmick was for these dildos. Because let's face it, there can't be much left in that area that hasn't been done already.
So, they come in cool modern colours. Is that ridges? They look like they might bend like bendy straws. Or, is that just ribbing ("for her pleasure")? But hang on, they look see-through! Do you fill them with warm water or gel or something? Well, you're getting warmer. You do fill them with something. And although undeniably phallic, they have nothing to do with sex (well, let's just say they are not intended for anything sexual...ehem).

The people at Cultured Containers have created this invention they call the Banana Bunker. It's protection for the fruit on the move. It's to protect your banana from bruising while in your backpack or briefcase. But not only that! It also protects the other contents of your backpack or briefcase from the banana. Genius!
So remember kids: When you're planning to go travelling, remember to always carry protection!

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