Sunday, 28 October 2007

Homer Simpson does the robot!

Homersapien Evolution
Christmas is coming and Homer's still getting fat!
With Christmas round the corner it's around about now most people are hunting down gift ideas.
Well, this is one for lovers of gadgets and for Simpsons fans alike.

From the people that brought you the brilliant Robosapien here is a great novelty variation showcased at the beginning of this year.
The Homersapien.
The Homersapien, as you can probably guess, does pretty much what the Robosapien can do but of course with added vocal Homerisms.
You can get Homersapien for £69.99 from Hamleys.
They also sell the not so appealing (maybe that's just me) Spidersapien. Yep, you guessed it; Robosapien again but dressed as Spiderman. He also comes with "Spiderman phrases" and "Web- shooter noises."
Note, noises only! He doesn't actually shoot webs (boo). I haven't heard the noises yet myself but I'm guessing they sound pretty much like the sounds I used to make as a kid, when my mum would shout over the balcony from the third floor that my dinner was ready. I would close just my middle finger back to touch the cuff of the sleeve of my itchy 70's jumper and fire my webs up to the third floor, making the appropriate "web-shooter noises". Sadly, on the occasions that my web shooting skills failed me (every time) I resorted to Plan B: I used the stairs.

Spidersapien is also available from Hamleys at £69.99.
For some strange reason Robosapien and Homersapien are suitable for 4 years+, but Spidersapien it suitable for 6 years+.
So bare that in mind when you buy one of these for your husband. Hehe.

Friday, 26 October 2007

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

It's a fish eat fish world!

Fish Eat FishHere's a fun and VERY addictive little game.
The rules are very simple: Eat any fishy smaller than you!
The more fish you eat, the bigger you get, but remember; to continue getting bigger you can only eat the fishies that are smaller than you. Don't wind up like the little guy in the picture above. He obviously didn't follow the rules.

CONTROLS: Arrow keys.

Friday, 19 October 2007

Aussie signs of ageing!

Cannabis ExtractSilent Pills For Females
Click pics for larger view
Above are a couple of fine examples of the great signs you can buy from Aussie Tin Signs.
Dr Poppy's Wonder Elixir might be entertaining but Dr Boxwell's Silent Pill for Females sounds like the perfect Christmas gift for the wife. Hehe. describes their merchandise as:
"a range of Aged Tin Signs with an Australian Flavour" and "Australian signage from a bygone era."

They take classic advert designs, make a tin sign out of them and then put them through an ageing process which makes them appear like the real deal (rust and all). And I must say they look great.
Not all of the designs are so obviously Australian like the Billy Tea and Dingo Trap signs. They also have the classic big brands too such as; Coca-Cola, Shell, Vespa (no Mod could do without), Harley Davidson and Michelin.

They are apparently always adding more designs so check out their gallery to see the cool ones they've already got for sale.
And if tin signs are not your thing, they also have the designs on mugs, mouse mats, custom etched/screen printed mirrors as well as other things in the 'Other Items' section.

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Betcha BUY golly, wow!

Golly KidsPictured above are a pair of dolls which are described as "Steiff Limited Edition - Golly Kids".
Now, in this day and age I assumed that the buying and selling of 'Gollies' was treated similarly to buying and selling ivory items on Ebay.
If it's old/antique it's OK, if it's newly made for sale it's NO K.
But as it turns out there seems to still be a lot of interest in buying Gollies.

I can understand collectors wanting the old ones, because they are part of history and a symbol of a bygone age. In fact that's why it's good that people do collect them and preserve them, as they can serve as a reminder of attitudes past as well as for nostalgic reasons.

But it's these newly produced ones, like the picture above of the 'Golly Kids' that surprises me. I just didn't think people bothered with making them anymore. Surely this devalues the old ones slightly if new ones are being produced still today?
And from a purely business point of view; are brand new gollies popular enough to make enough money to make them worth producing?

Well, it would seem so. You can buy the Steiff Limited Edition - Golly Kids from Sue Pearson Dolls & Teddy Bears for £150.00.
Golly Doll 1You can buy someone like 'Mikey' here (on the left ) from The Bear Shop for £59.95. He is 10" (25cm) and is part of their "Ebony & Ivory collection 2007" by Robin Rive.Golly Doll 2
Also from the The Bear Shop's 'Ebony & Ivory collection is 'Miram' here (on the right). He stands at 17.5" (45cm) and he goes for £109.

Rosie Ross presents her "Unique Ready Made Gollys" [sic] at Rosie Ross Handmade Dolls. Where she describes Gollies as "a bygones favourite and often looked upon with great affection when remembering one’s own childhood."
Interestingly, you may notice that most of these sites selling these dolls refer to them as Gollies. But there are still a few other places producing dolls that aren't so interested in being PC.

GolliwoggsThis picture here, funnily enough is what caused me to end up making this post. I stumbled across it while Google image searching (I can't remember what for now, Doh!), clicked on it and it took me to a forum where a particularly antagonistic, racist person was using it to emphasize his point. So I checked out the site the picture originated from: Mary's Secret Garden.
On the site she displays her hand-made wares (bunnies, cats and bears, some of which are really nice) including these two dolls she calls "Henry and Maddie Golliwogg", that she is/was selling on Ebay.
Also, over on another site: Jane's Irish. She goes on to explain the origins of the name Gollywog. I'm not sure if the purpose of the explanation is to make you feel more comfortable or uncomfortable before parting with your cash and buying some of her golly dolls.

Robertsons GollyHere at BYEGOLLY, is the sort of thing I expected to find. It's targeted more at collectors. It has loads of collectables from the Robertson brand that used the Golly character on their jams and marmalades for 91 years. Stuff from the 90's, 80's, 70's, even pre war stuff.

And lastly here is a report from the BBC back in 2001 about Robertson's decision to ditch the Golly from their products.

Sunday, 14 October 2007

Desktop cloaking device!

This odd shaped thing is called the
Stealth Switch™ - Desktop Cloaking Device".

CLOAKING DEVICE! Sounds pretty cool huh? I know your thinking; Ooh, like Star Trek, Stargate or maybe even Harry Potter.
Well err ... no. Not as cool as it sounds really. But some of you may find it useful if confidentiality and secrecy is paramount in your work, or you're a dodgy bugger and up to no good. Haha.

These are its selling points:
  • The world's first desktop cloaking device
  • Completely hides computer applications and mutes sound with a press of a foot switch
  • Protect sensitive information
  • Get confidential materials off your screen . fast!
  • Works with any application
  • Intuitive, discreet and fast
  • Easy to install
Essentially it's a big old panic button that sits under your desk and can be operated with your foot.
It comes with a 2 metre (six foot) USB cable, so you can stash it well out of site (but of course, not out of toe tapping reach, hehe).
With a tap of the foot-switch the device instantly and completely hides your applications. The company likes to point out that; "The applications are not just minimised, they are made completely invisible." (Hey presto! Alakazam!)
You can choose whether to close just the current window, all windows or windows of your choice. The device also has the ability to mute the sound "plus many other useful settings".

If you have £29.99 and want to grab yourself a Stealth Switch™ go HERE.

If you are a Star Trek fan and came here looking for a cloaking device, THIS STORY from the BBC last year may give you some hope. It's a report about two mathematicians and their research showing that cloaking devices, such as those used in Star Trek, might just work.

And finally, for invisibility fans there is this video of the University of Tokyo's research into "Optical Camouflage".

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

AV drip instead of IV drip

AV DripA very popular little news story that is EVERYWHERE today. I thought I may as well jump on the bandwagon and post a little something on it, as it gives me an excuse to post the above pic I photochopped. Hehe.

This is a news story from Australia where doctors in a Queensland hospital used a case of vodka to save an Italian tourist being treated for poisoning.
The 24-year-old man
"had ingested a large amount of the poisonous substance ethylene glycol, found in antifreeze, which can cause renal failure and is often fatal."

The doctors administered pharmaceutical-grade alcohol, which works as an antidote to the poison, until their supplies ran out.
Dr Gelperowicz said:
"We quickly used all the available vials of 100 per cent alcohol and decided the next best way to get alcohol into the man's system was by feeding him spirits through a naso-gastric tube,"

Apparently the hospital administrators were
"very understanding when told the reason for buying the case of vodka."
I'm not sure they will be quite as understanding when it comes to the Christmas period and there seems to be a 600% increase in poisonings of this type requiring this exact same treatment.
  • Admin: "Are you sure Doctor?"
  • Doctor: "Oh yes. Trust me, it's the only way."
  • Admin: "But 40 cases Doctor?"
  • Doctor: "Of course! Well if I'm going to the Cash and Carry to get my unusually large amount of peanuts and crisps, it makes sense to buy in bulk wouldn't you say? I'm only thinking of the hospital budget."
I know of quite a few blokes, who would of loved to be able to tell the story that they were kept alive by an AV (Absolut Vodka) drip. You can imagine it can't you. Telling the biggest lush of your mates that maybe he's over-doing the old jolly juice, he can always reply: "I wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for vodka running through my system!"

For the source story:

On a serious note; It appeared that the man ingested the poisonous substance in an apparent attempt to commit suicide/self harm.
The following are some useful links if you yourself sometimes have suicidal feelings or you want to read more about the warning signs for friends or loved ones of yours.
  • Samaritans (confidential non-judgemental emotional support, 24 hours a day) - UK & Ireland
  • Befrienders (31,000 volunteers in almost 40 countries) - Worldwide
  • PAPYRUS (Prevention of young suicide) - UK
  • RaPSS (Response and Prevention in Student Suicide) - UK
  • (Worth a read)
  • 1-800-SUICIDE (Call any time, day or night) - US

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

The hills are alive with the sound of Indian dance music...

Sound Of Indian Dance MusicThis video is great! Julie Andrews sure looks different!
You may not be a fan of over-choreographed dance routines but you can't deny this IS entertaining.
Maybe you don't understand the language (obviously some of you will. Wassuuup! to my Indian visitors!), but you'll all be singing this and imitating the dance moves once you've seen it. You will! Oh yes you will. Resistance is futile Borg Smiley I can assure you. haha.
One word I did catch was 'operation'. Maybe he was explaining that he dances in this odd way only since the operation.

So take some health and safety tips from this video. When you find yourself strolling around mountains or hills where there is very low visibility due to the thick, dense mist and fog, be sure to put on a pair of very dark glasses so you look cool plummeting to your death off an unseen cliff!

For those of you interested, the name of the song is "Kalluri Vaanil" by Prubhu Deva

Friday, 5 October 2007

WTF R LOLcats & ROFLcats?

Image-Ceiling catDo you know what LOLcats or ROFLcats are? Well, If you can see the picture above then you are looking at one. Is it a LOL or a ROFL cat you may well ask. Well to be honest I don't know. I'm not even sure there is a difference.

Basically you take a picture of a cat looking cute or amusing (quite often peeping out of something or somewhere). Then, in large clear font, add a phrase written in broken English (text message style or 1337-speak*).
The example above is a rare exception and not a true LOLcat phrase, in that it is a proper sentence, has correct spelling and has even got punctuation.
The usual sort of format is something like:
"I iz in ur sinc likkin al ur deeshez!"
These cats are used a lot in forums, especially photo forums and photoshopping sites.
Quite often one cat pic will inspire another or even a response to a popular LOLcat pic, as seen below.
Image-Ceiling cat2So if you have a cat, a camera and some photo editing software, why not join in and add to the LOLcat community. You never know, your creation may turn out to be very popular and end up all over the internet forums.

For more info and inspiration see:
Wikipedia explains LOLCAT
UrbanDictionary explains 1337-speak*

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Does man have leg to stand on in custody battle?

This is a nice weird news story found on the BBC news site.
A man may face a legal custody battle to reclaim his OWN leg!

The original (or should I say genetic) owner of the leg, Mr John Wood had the leg amputated after a plane crash in 2004, but had asked to keep it so that he could be buried as a whole man when he dies.
He stored the leg in a barbecue smoker. Which, along with other possessions, was kept in a storage facility after he lost his home.

Unfortunately for Mr Wood, things were going from bad to worse.
Not only did he lose his home but after a time he got behind on his rental payments at the storage facility.
So the storage company in North Carolina auctioned off his possessions including the barbecue smoker and all its contents.

After buying the smoker, the winning bidder Mr Shannon Whisnant later discovered the leg inside, wrapped in a wire screen. He took the leg to the police. Once they established it had not been removed as a result of a crime they sent it to the local funeral home (I'm not sure why either) for Mr Wood to retrieve.

Straight forward enough you may think. But wait; Mr Whisnant (buyer of the smoker and its contents) wanted the leg back! But the funeral home refused.
So he tried to persuade Mr Wood to share custody of the leg. He said with "Halloween just around the corner" he could make money off of it and Mr Wood could share in the profits.

Mr Wood however was not interested in making money from it, he just wanted his leg back. Having his 'business plan' rejected, Mr Whisnant has threatened to begin legal action if the leg is not returned to HIM by next week.
He says he has a receipt from the auction showing he bought the smoker AND its contents.

It wasn't mentioned in the news story but I have a sneaking suspicion that Mr Whisnant is secretly planning to establish himself as a Rolf Harris - Jake The Peg tribute band to tour North Carolina and the rest of the US. Hehe.

Check out Rolf doing his thing at the Royal Albert hall. Haha.