Sunday, 14 October 2007

Desktop cloaking device!

This odd shaped thing is called the
Stealth Switch™ - Desktop Cloaking Device".

CLOAKING DEVICE! Sounds pretty cool huh? I know your thinking; Ooh, like Star Trek, Stargate or maybe even Harry Potter.
Well err ... no. Not as cool as it sounds really. But some of you may find it useful if confidentiality and secrecy is paramount in your work, or you're a dodgy bugger and up to no good. Haha.

These are its selling points:
  • The world's first desktop cloaking device
  • Completely hides computer applications and mutes sound with a press of a foot switch
  • Protect sensitive information
  • Get confidential materials off your screen . fast!
  • Works with any application
  • Intuitive, discreet and fast
  • Easy to install
Essentially it's a big old panic button that sits under your desk and can be operated with your foot.
It comes with a 2 metre (six foot) USB cable, so you can stash it well out of site (but of course, not out of toe tapping reach, hehe).
With a tap of the foot-switch the device instantly and completely hides your applications. The company likes to point out that; "The applications are not just minimised, they are made completely invisible." (Hey presto! Alakazam!)
You can choose whether to close just the current window, all windows or windows of your choice. The device also has the ability to mute the sound "plus many other useful settings".

If you have £29.99 and want to grab yourself a Stealth Switch™ go HERE.

If you are a Star Trek fan and came here looking for a cloaking device, THIS STORY from the BBC last year may give you some hope. It's a report about two mathematicians and their research showing that cloaking devices, such as those used in Star Trek, might just work.

And finally, for invisibility fans there is this video of the University of Tokyo's research into "Optical Camouflage".

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