Friday, 5 October 2007

WTF R LOLcats & ROFLcats?

Image-Ceiling catDo you know what LOLcats or ROFLcats are? Well, If you can see the picture above then you are looking at one. Is it a LOL or a ROFL cat you may well ask. Well to be honest I don't know. I'm not even sure there is a difference.

Basically you take a picture of a cat looking cute or amusing (quite often peeping out of something or somewhere). Then, in large clear font, add a phrase written in broken English (text message style or 1337-speak*).
The example above is a rare exception and not a true LOLcat phrase, in that it is a proper sentence, has correct spelling and has even got punctuation.
The usual sort of format is something like:
"I iz in ur sinc likkin al ur deeshez!"
These cats are used a lot in forums, especially photo forums and photoshopping sites.
Quite often one cat pic will inspire another or even a response to a popular LOLcat pic, as seen below.
Image-Ceiling cat2So if you have a cat, a camera and some photo editing software, why not join in and add to the LOLcat community. You never know, your creation may turn out to be very popular and end up all over the internet forums.

For more info and inspiration see:
Wikipedia explains LOLCAT
UrbanDictionary explains 1337-speak*

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