Thursday, 29 November 2007

Do you read maps religiously?

Image-Caveman starts religionReligion is pretty much always somewhere in the news. Like the recent story of the British schoolteacher in Sudan that allowed her primary school pupils to name a teddy bear Muhammad. She was then later charged with "insulting religion, inciting hatred and showing contempt for religious beliefs". If convicted she may face a prison sentence, a fine or 40 lashes.

There are of course a lot of religions around today. Some have been around for a lot longer than others. But do you know which came first and in what order?
Do you perhaps need to know this information but would find religious studies as dull as dishwater?
Or perhaps your attention span lasts no longer than 90 seconds.
Well guess what? I've sorted you out once again. I have just the thing.

How would you like to see the history of 5,000 years of religion in just 90 seconds?
What's that? You would 'bloody love to'. Of course you would, I knew that.
I've put this small embedded version below for those of you too lazy to click on links and go anywhere else.
Just click the PLAY button.

Prefer a larger (full screen) version? Then click HERE.

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