Sunday, 18 November 2007

Mould in your ears?

ER-6ic Custom Earphones-Clear mouldAre you one of those people that likes to be individual and own things unique to you, such as custom-made jewellery or tailor-made clothing?
Well this cool gadget is moulded to your exact specifications. Or more precisely; your individual ears!

Headphones and (the more popular these days) earphones come in many shapes and designs. A lot of people find the standard earphones that come with their iPod or MP3 player become uncomfortable even after a short period of use.
Even if you splash out on a pro pair, fancy design and more expense are no guarantee for comfort. Some have found that the 'noise cancelling' type of earphones (with spongy surround, that squash into your ear thus blocking outside noise from interfering with your music) are more comfortable due to snugness of fit. But of course, ears come in all shapes and sizes but earphones are 'one size fits all'.

ER-6ic Custom earphones-White mouldUntil now!. ER (Etymotic Research) and ACS have come together to make the 'ER-6i Custom' (ER-6ic). They have the ER-6i Isolator 'in-the-ear' earphones. Which look similar to the usual 'noise cancelling' earphones. But the ER-6ic range goes a step further.

When you order your ER-6ic earphones you first receive a pair of ER-6i and a customisation voucher with all the details on it to take to your nearest audiologist. The audiologist takes an impression of your ears from which your custom moulds will be made.
Apparently, the whole impression process will take up to 30 minutes. Then that is sent to ACS to make the moulds in your choice of colour (of which there are eight).

So there you go. Not only will you experience great sound and comfort, but you'll have the perfect excuse not to be able to share your earphones with your waxy,flaky eared friends. Haha.

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