Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Say it with flowers!

Image:Lover's SeedsLover's Seeds - Really say what you mean!
People use the expression "Say it with flowers", but will the flowers really say what you feel?
Well this plant allegedly will!
Pictured above are what describes as "Lover's Seeds".
According to them:

Image:I Love You plant"It's an actual real flower seed (fava bean size)... When seed is planted in sand with potting soil &/or peat moss, each seed will sprout in approximately 6 days in the hot sun (varies with different climatic conditions - works best in the hot sun). Each plant will have 2 words "(of your choice)" genetically imprinted (black text - looks like burned engraving) on each leaf - different word on front and different word on back!"

They can be purchased for $2.49 each or there are several wholesale options for the euntrapanuers amongst you.
Check them out at Bizarre fun

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