Monday, 24 December 2007

Tis the season to be moany!

Image:Santa & Reindeer huntedChristmas - How much do you hate it?
It's Christmas Eve! Love it or hate it, Christmas is upon us.
If you have kids and you love Christmas then that's simple enough. But, what if you have kids but actually hate Christmas?
If only there was a way to keep your kids happy and entertained while at the same time able to register your deep dislike for the festive foolishness.

Well, of course, you've guessed it ... there is!
So here's what to do. Click your way to and you will find a selection of colouring-in projects for the kids all in PDF format (you'll need a PDF reader which you should already have, if not get it free from adobe), which your kids (or you) can print out, colour in and cut out.
One of the projects is 'Make Your Own Grinch Mask'. How perfect is that?
The kids get to have the fun of making the mask and you'll get to benefit from wearing the finished product!

Everyone's a winner! You get to silently display your disgruntled disdain for the day, while the rest of the family don't have to hear about it during 'It's A Wonderful Life' OR have to look at your sourpuss sneer, putting them off their turkey.

Image:xmasresistance.orgBut, if you're a real hardcore Christmas hater, then you may want to join up with the guys at The Christmas Resistance Movement.
They would like to encourage you to "boycott Christmas" because they want to "end compulsory consumption".
You won't find them anywhere near a Christmas grotto, but instead they have a Christmas motto, which is:"NO SHOPPING, NO PRESENTS, NO GUILT!".
And, not only that, just like Seussville, they have a sort of 'arts and crafts' section too.
They will allow you to print out their logo onto your own stickers as long as you do not sell them or credit them to any author other than Nina Paley.
So, enjoy, or erm ... not.

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