Saturday, 1 December 2007

Tis the season to drink sherry!

Beer bottle Christmas treeYes folks it's December 1st! The shops are packed with frantic Christmas shoppers. Sales of socks and aftershave go through the roof. And people everywhere start stocking up on an amount of alcohol that should probably be consumed over a period of a few years, but will in fact, actually be downed in a few days.

So be sensible kids. If you're planning on drinking heavily over the Christmas period, whether at a family get-together or the office party, make sure you have a non-drunk person to help you get home. Because as you will see from this video, the drunk-helping-the-drunk is like the blind-leading-the-blind.

Good job one of the men makes sure he doesn't lose his umbrella. It would be awful if he returned home to his wife with drenched clothes and looking a mess.

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