Friday, 14 December 2007

Transformers! Tables in disguise!

Image-Transformer tableTRANSFORMER TABLES-Expanding the possibilities!

Christmas can increase the population around your dining table by 100, 200 or even 300% when your house is the chosen 'get-together' destination.
So how do you accommodate all these extra diners?
Okay, so you can normally find some sort of extra chairs, even if they have to be brought in from the garden.
But what do you do about table space? It's obvious you need a larger table, but you don't want some massive banquet table taking up valuable floor space the rest of the year round.

That's where one of these babies comes in.
The clever people at DB Fletcher Design have come up with the Fletcher Capstan Table.

"It is a round table which, when rotated at its outer perimeter, amazingly doubles its seating capacity and, just as astonishingly, remains truly circular. Very importantly it stores its expansion leaves within itself. Existing tables can seat six persons when small, and twelve or more when expanded, but there are other design possibilities."

Watch this great video demonstration.

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