Sunday, 27 January 2008

Just walkin' the goth!

IMAGE:Walking The Dog LP coverHere's a romantic news story from a few days ago, which I forgot to post, doh! Anyway, better late than never, that's what I rarely tend to say.

Bus firm Arriva Yorkshire has been accused of discrimination, for refusing to allow a goth couple to board one of their buses.

IMAGE:Goth coupleThe goth couple, Dani Graves, 25 and his girlfriend Tasha Maltby, 19 of Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, England, were kicked off of one bus and then refused admittance to another.
The reason being, Tasha Maltby likes her boyfriend to lead her around with a dog lead attached to a dog collar around her neck. Although she does walk upright the bus company said it was a matter of passenger safety.
Paul Adcock, Operations Director for Arriva Yorkshire said:

"It could be dangerous for the couple and other passengers if a driver had to brake sharply while Miss Maltby was wearing the lead."

The lead wearing is Ms Maltby's idea and she says that previous boyfriends had called her a "weirdo" for suggesting the idea. The couple insist they "love each other to pieces" and that use of the lead is a "sign of trust".

So are you in a loving and trusting relationship? Well, test how much your wife or girlfriend trusts YOU. Stick a dog lead on her next time you're out shopping and see how much trust and love she throws your way.

Clearly it's no different from ballroom dancing, where the man leads the woman all the time.

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Evoke a reaction with this DAB radio!

IMAGE:Pure Evoke Marshall EditionHave you embraced the digital revolution yet? If you live in the UK you're going to have to pretty soon. The big digital switch-over is upon us!

Although, leaving TV aside for today, I wonder if I can lure you to digital radio?
Of course a hiss and crackle free, higher quality broadcast signal may appeal to you, but maybe you're a bit of a rocker and the sleek ultra clean designs of a lot of DAB radios doesn't "float your boat".

Well check out the Pure Evoke-1XT Marshall Special Edition digital DAB radio.
As you can see, it looks great. Based on the classic Marshall guitar amps. With the iconic white Marshall logo on the black speaker. The tuning and volume controls are analogue style 'twiddly' knobs. But, for that extra rocking attention to detail they have made the volume control go up to an extra loud, Spinal Tap style 11.

It comes with other fancy features such as:
  • an alarm
  • one touch autotune that locates all available DAB stations
  • a countdown timer, which they suggest using as a kitchen timer
  • automatic time update so you don't need to worry about adjusting the time forward or backward an hour
  • a USB connection which enables you to connect the radio to your PC for updates and new features from as well as updates to the DAB standard.

The recommended retail price on the official site is £99.99 but buying from somewhere like Amazon you can make quite a significant saving.

Friday, 18 January 2008

One flute over the cuckoo's nest!

Image:David Carradine playing fluteTime for a musical interlude I think!
Now, I quite like Jethro Tull's "Bouree" because I'm a sucker for a funky flute. Mandrill also have some real fine flute funk too.
But here is a guy named Greg Pattillo (NOT pictured right! That's David Carradine - Kung Fu Stylee), giving the funky flute a more modern take.

Greg here, likes to show off his breath control by not only playing the flute brilliantly, but combining it with his human-beat-box skills.
The result is here in one of many videos around on the internet of him 'doing his thing'. This one has him playing a sort of Axel F/Inspector Gadget medley.

Monday, 14 January 2008

'Fro'zen in time!

Image:70s Afro hairstylesThis image is great! It's from a 70's issue of Ebony magazine.
Basically a range of serving suggestions for your 'fro' with great names to match. Originally seen at Meathaus.
And who knew that Richard Roundtree being such a method actor, not only wanted to play the part of a private eye (in Shaft), but also wanted to look the part too, by sporting the authentic "Private Eye" styled fro.

But surely if private eyes of the seventies could be distinguished by their "Private Eye" fro, then this must cause problems with trying to remain inconspicuous while on surveillance?

Don't be surprised if Britney Spears doesn't try to bus' out one of these styles in the near future. Although, she's more likely to rock a Don King, one style strangely missing from this selection.

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Becoming bald Britney!

Image:Bald Britney Spears maskHave you ever wanted to look like Britney Spears?
Well now is your big chance! Print out and then cut out this VERY useful Bald Britney mask. Get it from HERE.

Fool friends and family into thinking you are the real Britney Spears. When you're wearing this mask they will NEVER guess it's not you.

And if you think that's cool, well guess what.
While wearing this mask you can pass yourself off as Britney and get into any A-list party or club. Waltz right on in to the V.I.P. lounge.
IT WILL WORK! In my extensive tests, it worked 9 out of 10 times when I imagined the scenario. The one time it didn't work was probably due to lack of concentration on my part. Either that or the daydream was interrupted.

But why does Britney have this look in the first place? One theory is that she idolizes Dr Phil and is in fact attempting to emulate his look. See Eternal Fame

Saturday, 5 January 2008

Are you likely to GO POSTAL?

Image:Warning-Going PostalHow likely are you to GO POSTAL?

You've read the stories in the newspapers. You've watched it on the news.
Are these people all just nut cases that want to kill everyday OR, are they just ordinary folks that just snapped one day? Reached their limit, their last nerve. Broken-backed camels from that very last straw?

Do you have an opinion? Well, before you decide, why not take this quiz on which may give an indication of how likely YOU are to "Go Postal".

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

2008 - The Weirdness is spreading!

It's the 1st of January 2008, so HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all.
Today not only marks the beginning of a new year but also the beginning of a new site. Although in some way it is an extension of this one.

Due to several reasons I have decided to split the content into two separate sites.
Weird Wonderful Web will continue pretty much the same, but content that I feel is a bit too strong for general audiences will be posted on Weird Wayout Web.
Image:Weird Wayout Web bannerOver the next few days I will be transferring previous posts, of a more adult nature, from Weird Wonderful Web to Weird Wayout Web, which I feel will be a more appropriate home for them.

Weird Wayout Web will not only be made up of previous adult posts from here, it will also be regularly updated in much the same way as I do on Weird Wonderful Web but of course with a more adult flavour.
So now you'll be getting two sites for the price of one! And also it gives you the choice of 'opting-in or out' of the stronger stuff.