Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Evoke a reaction with this DAB radio!

IMAGE:Pure Evoke Marshall EditionHave you embraced the digital revolution yet? If you live in the UK you're going to have to pretty soon. The big digital switch-over is upon us!

Although, leaving TV aside for today, I wonder if I can lure you to digital radio?
Of course a hiss and crackle free, higher quality broadcast signal may appeal to you, but maybe you're a bit of a rocker and the sleek ultra clean designs of a lot of DAB radios doesn't "float your boat".

Well check out the Pure Evoke-1XT Marshall Special Edition digital DAB radio.
As you can see, it looks great. Based on the classic Marshall guitar amps. With the iconic white Marshall logo on the black speaker. The tuning and volume controls are analogue style 'twiddly' knobs. But, for that extra rocking attention to detail they have made the volume control go up to an extra loud, Spinal Tap style 11.

It comes with other fancy features such as:
  • an alarm
  • one touch autotune that locates all available DAB stations
  • a countdown timer, which they suggest using as a kitchen timer
  • automatic time update so you don't need to worry about adjusting the time forward or backward an hour
  • a USB connection which enables you to connect the radio to your PC for updates and new features from as well as updates to the DAB standard.

The recommended retail price on the official site is £99.99 but buying from somewhere like Amazon you can make quite a significant saving.

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