Thursday, 28 February 2008

Goths need love too!

IMAGE:Gomez and Morticia-Goth loveYou may have read a previous post on here, about the goth couple being refused bus travel due to her wearing a dog lead/leash.
But, have you ever wondered how these couples hook up in the first place?

Let's face it, your average goth chap or chappette is not renowned for their desire for social inclusion. So it must be difficult getting to meet new and like minded goths.

Obviously they can spot each other a mile off, walking down the street.
But, just randomly going up to and hitting on someone goth-looking could turn out bad. They may just happen to be someone on their way back from a funeral, and the crying has smudged their makeup.

So, with these obstacles in mind, it's a good job there are sites like, allegedly the "#1 dating site for gothic singles and friends".
Where you can find true, errr, 'happiness'?

Friday, 22 February 2008

Play with Pee & Poo. It's fun!

IMAGE:Pee&Poo plush toysPee&Poo - Breaking taboos but not health regulations.

Any parents of small children, or indeed parents of large children that were once small, will know, that at a certain stage you need to get the message across to your child, that playing with your own urine and faeces is really quite frowned upon in polite society.

So, what better then, just to confuse matters, than if a kind friend or relative such as a grandparent gives your child this lovely, cuddly pair as a present.
Introducing the ever-so-cute Pee and Poo plush toys. The official site actually states that "Pee&Poo can even be used in parenting contexts such as traditional potty training".

Yep, you can just imagine your Health Visitor coming round and asking your child what they like to do best and what their favourite toy is.
"I like to play with my poo and my pee all day, everyday." or even "my pee and poo keep me warm in bed all night. Poo is my favourite. I like to put my poo in my mouth at night when I suck my thumb".

Besides the plush toys there are also keychains, stationary, screensavers, and a clothing range in adult and children's sizes.
Now your baby can have pee and poo on the outside of their clothing as well as the inside.

Monday, 18 February 2008

Ren & Stimpy are crazy about their cannon!

IMAGE:Ren & StimpyWell we haven't had a game for a little while, so it must be about that time.

Here's one that I like. Mainly because it features the excellent Ren and Stimpy. But also because it happens to be fun and nicely done.

The controls are very simple: Up and Down arrow keys to position the cannons angle then hit the SPACEBAR when the Power is at its strongest.
Additionally, hitting SPACE while in the air you can get a little boost (if you have some farts stored up).

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Old meets new - old fashioned eCards!

IMAGE:Old-fashioned postcard-The MasherIf, like me, you like old-fashioned postcards and illustrations then you will probably LOVE Penny Postcards.

Penny Postcards is an electronic postcard (eCard) provider. It also claims to be "spam free". The website states that "your personal data will not be distributed" and that you can use their service "without fear of receiving junk email".

They also have a link that says "Pick Up A Card". I'm assuming that this is for some sort of 'print and post' type service, whereby the card and message of choice gets printed and delivered to a post office for pick up. But without actually using the service, I couldn't view any information on that.

The site has a nice, varied selection of old postcards that you can simply send as ecards. The layout is simple and clearly laid out. You can navigate your way around it very easily using the selection of tags displayed at the top of the main page.
The picture above was found in the "Weird" section. But this more sinister one below was found in the "Weird" and more appropriate "Scary" section. And quite right too.
IMAGE:Old-fashioned postcard-BehaveIs this intended to be sinister or kinky? You decide.

What exactly was the purpose or occasion that this postcard was designed for? And, who said 'yeah, I like that, let's go ahead and produce this'?

Sunday, 10 February 2008

Two flute over the cuckoo's nest!

IMAGE:Ian Anderson of Jethro TullThis one is for those of you that enjoyed the earlier post of Greg Pattillo - the flute playing human beatboxer.

Here he is again, but this time accompanied by M.C. Dapper D freestyling live on the streets of Boston.

Also, it gives me an excuse to post this excellent picture (to the right) of Ian Anderson from Jethro Tull.
Now swap the flute for bagpipes and you've got Billy Connolly.

Monday, 4 February 2008

Estimated time of death?

IMAGE: Clock on coffin-Chema MadozTime to post one of the internet's well known and talked about sites - The Death Clock.
A lot of you will have visited the site before, but some of you will not yet of had the 'pleasure'.

I say pleasure, but you will probably feel that estimating your date of death would be far from pleasurable.
I would say 'have a go'. But if you are very, very superstitious and getting a predicted date of death is going to effect your life (and how you lead it) greatly, then please steer clear.

I wouldn't want to feel somehow responsible for the site telling you "your number's up next week", only for you to then go nuts and have affairs and blow all your savings.

Remember it's just for 'fun' and is just a silly gimmick.

It was the picture above that reminded me of the Death Clock site. Looks like a coffin Public Enemy's Flavor Flav would choose, hehe.
The image is by Chema Madoz. Check out his amazing and beautiful photography, in the gallery section of his website HERE.