Thursday, 28 February 2008

Goths need love too!

IMAGE:Gomez and Morticia-Goth loveYou may have read a previous post on here, about the goth couple being refused bus travel due to her wearing a dog lead/leash.
But, have you ever wondered how these couples hook up in the first place?

Let's face it, your average goth chap or chappette is not renowned for their desire for social inclusion. So it must be difficult getting to meet new and like minded goths.

Obviously they can spot each other a mile off, walking down the street.
But, just randomly going up to and hitting on someone goth-looking could turn out bad. They may just happen to be someone on their way back from a funeral, and the crying has smudged their makeup.

So, with these obstacles in mind, it's a good job there are sites like, allegedly the "#1 dating site for gothic singles and friends".
Where you can find true, errr, 'happiness'?

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