Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Old meets new - old fashioned eCards!

IMAGE:Old-fashioned postcard-The MasherIf, like me, you like old-fashioned postcards and illustrations then you will probably LOVE Penny Postcards.

Penny Postcards is an electronic postcard (eCard) provider. It also claims to be "spam free". The website states that "your personal data will not be distributed" and that you can use their service "without fear of receiving junk email".

They also have a link that says "Pick Up A Card". I'm assuming that this is for some sort of 'print and post' type service, whereby the card and message of choice gets printed and delivered to a post office for pick up. But without actually using the service, I couldn't view any information on that.

The site has a nice, varied selection of old postcards that you can simply send as ecards. The layout is simple and clearly laid out. You can navigate your way around it very easily using the selection of tags displayed at the top of the main page.
The picture above was found in the "Weird" section. But this more sinister one below was found in the "Weird" and more appropriate "Scary" section. And quite right too.
IMAGE:Old-fashioned postcard-BehaveIs this intended to be sinister or kinky? You decide.

What exactly was the purpose or occasion that this postcard was designed for? And, who said 'yeah, I like that, let's go ahead and produce this'?

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  1. That last card is so creepy. I love your comment about it 'Yeah, I like it, let's print this!" I especially like that someone aside from me takes interest in the idea behind a silly old card.


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