Friday, 22 February 2008

Play with Pee & Poo. It's fun!

IMAGE:Pee&Poo plush toysPee&Poo - Breaking taboos but not health regulations.

Any parents of small children, or indeed parents of large children that were once small, will know, that at a certain stage you need to get the message across to your child, that playing with your own urine and faeces is really quite frowned upon in polite society.

So, what better then, just to confuse matters, than if a kind friend or relative such as a grandparent gives your child this lovely, cuddly pair as a present.
Introducing the ever-so-cute Pee and Poo plush toys. The official site actually states that "Pee&Poo can even be used in parenting contexts such as traditional potty training".

Yep, you can just imagine your Health Visitor coming round and asking your child what they like to do best and what their favourite toy is.
"I like to play with my poo and my pee all day, everyday." or even "my pee and poo keep me warm in bed all night. Poo is my favourite. I like to put my poo in my mouth at night when I suck my thumb".

Besides the plush toys there are also keychains, stationary, screensavers, and a clothing range in adult and children's sizes.
Now your baby can have pee and poo on the outside of their clothing as well as the inside.

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