Monday, 31 March 2008

Police arrest drunk headbanger!

IMAGE: Man on bike carrying 6 bottles of wineWho says men can't multi-task?

Drunk driving is of course not funny.
Luckily the cops pulled this guy in, and the only damage he is able to do, is to himself (and the wall), and watching him do that, IS funny.

Also, if you listen carefully, you can hear the officer give the drunk driver some useful advice:
"you're gonna have to quit doing that you know?"

Is it just me or is that Elvis back from the dead? Certainly looks like him as he goes out the door backwards.

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Cats Got Knees song

IMAGE: Matrix KittensOkay cat fans, here is another Joel Veitch (alongside Jacqui and Vladimir) creation, via

This is about as silly as it gets. Joel and Jacqui Veitch sing an ode to their cat Vladimir, pointing out for us, that amongst other things, their "cat's got knees, uh huh".
May come in useful for any student vets studying feline anatomy. Hehe.

Full screen version HERE (if you really need to see the silly singers).

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Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Man's life for sale on Ebay!

IMAGE:Ebay life searchHas anyone ever told you to "get a life"?
Well where does a person purchase such an item? Ebay of course.

This is the story of 44-year-old Ian Usher who is selling off everything he owns in one big 'life package', as he wants to raise some cash for a life-changing adventure after the break down of his marriage.

Mr Usher emigrated to Australia six years ago from Britain. He is hoping to raise around $400,000 (£185,000) to enable him to start a new life elsewhere.
The 'life package' includes everything he owns in Australia including a car, a motorcycle, several surf boards, his open-planned house with spa, and even his job.

Yes that's right, he has arranged it with his (current) employer at a carpet store in Perth. His employer has agreed to take on whoever wins the auction on a two-week trial with a view to permanent employment.

Mr Usher is said to want to leave Australia with the money in one hand and his passport in the other.

Check out Ian Usher's alife4sale site explaining more.

Also see report on BBC news site.

Sunday, 16 March 2008

The Hannibal Lector look for girls!

IMAGE: Decori MaskAre you a girl?
Do you long for that Hannibal Lector look? Stupid question - of course you do. What girl doesn't?
But, then we come to the age old problem - how do you take on the look of a violent cannibal, while at the same time remaining girlie and feminine?

The simple solution is finally here in the form of Decori Mask.
This excellent kit contains stylish, pretty pink masks.

But that's not all, ohh no. Get this - in the kit there are also various glittery, shiny stickers (WARNING: you may get distracted while handling these objects. Please have a friend nearby to snap you out of the trance if need be.) to decorate and girlify your already cute killing mask.

If you understand Japanese then you might be able to navigate your way round the Tokyu Hands site to buy one of these.
Some of you may know the site name already, as they are the same great people that brought you the amazing Beauty Smile Trainer (pictured below).

IMAGE: Beauty Smile TrainerBeauty Smile Trainer - Faking those smiles just got easier.

A 'must buy' for any parent with a teenager in the house. Either as the perfect gift for the teen to help them relearn the art of smiling, which they sadly will have lost, as one of the side effects of the kid-to-teen metamorphosis.
Or, for yourself, as a parent of a teen. It could help force your face into a pleasant smile, for when you calmly repeat, for the twentieth time this month "no darling, I'm not saying it's ALL YOUR FAULT".
In fact, a fake-smile-face-forcer could be used in many social situations.

Monday, 10 March 2008

Curious creature collection!

IMAGE:Creature From The Black LagoonNot much to say about this one, except to describe it as a compilation of weird and wonderful images depicting strange creatures.
Some are real, some are photoshopped and some, are even art.

You've probably seen many of them before, or had them emailed to you. But somebody has taken the time to stick them all in one easy viewable video.

The video is called "Beastiary of the Weird". Now, experienced internet users may feel slightly apprehensive about clicking on a video with a name like that, but I can assure you it's totally SFW (Safe For Work) as it's on YouTube after all. And anything I post that is NSFW (Not Safe For Work) is of course posted at Weird Wayout Web.