Sunday, 6 April 2008

Modern/Retro USB Mixtape

IMAGE: Mix Tape USB StickModern mix tape presented in retro cassette tape packaging.

Are you someone that loves gadgets and the modern world, but still consider yourself old skool?
If so then this little gadget should be 'right up your street'.

It's a well known tradition, for courting couples to make loving compilations of tunes. Referred to by some as 'mix tapes', (although there is rarely any actual mixing, as in proper Hip Hop mix tapes).
The 'mix' in lover's mix tapes usually just means a mixture of tunes. Each track carefully selected, to ensure that personal message.

'Back in the day' we would throw some tunes onto a C60 cassette tape for 60 minutes of smoosh.
These days, the majority of people (with a computer) will probably burn a personal CD for their loved one.

Well, now you can have the best of both modern and retro worlds. You get to create your 'mix tape' using modern technology while giving it an old skool presentation.

IMAGE: Mix Tape USB Stick packageThis is the "Mix Tape USB Stick" from Suck UK.
It comprises of a 64MB USB stick, to record your 'lurve choons' on to. Which is just about enough for it to hold roughly 60 minutes of music.

The retro part is the packaging. The USB stick sits inside a C60 cassette tape and the packaging has an authentic lined 'index card' style outer cover, to list the tracks or write personal messages.

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