Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Knit your own authentic vintage clothing!

IMAGE: Knitted PoodleOkay, here's another post I'll be filing in the 'Weird arts and crafts' section.
I suppose it's not really that weird, except for the fact that the eyes of the poodle in this pic, start to freak you out after a while. And this poodle is/was intended as a pram toy.
Imagine waking up as a small baby and have this demented mutt giving you 'evils'.

So let me explain. This is Poppet the knitted poodle (pictured left). Now, I know some of you may still be traumatised by a previous post about 'painted poodles'. But I assure you, this post will make you feel warm and fuzzy.
Maybe not on the inside but certainly on the outside. That is of course if you decide to follow the directions and make yourself some 'cool' vintage knitwear.

Poppet the poodle can be found at Vintage Purls. A site dedicated to knitting which has a 'Free Patterns' section.
In this section there are several vintage clothing knitting patterns, circa 1920's to 1950's, for men, women and children. Alongside some miscellaneous items like children's pram toys or tea cosies.

All the patterns are free to download and are in PDF format. You will need Adobe's free PDF Reader to view these files. If you don't already have it installed, then I definitely recommend doing so, as it is a popular and useful format used by many websites.

I myself wasn't really interested in the knitting side of it, I just find old photographs and images interesting. Also I was intrigued by the knitted bathing suits made with "coupon-less thread".

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