Sunday, 20 July 2008


IMAGE: Cat Playhouse cardboard designsCat Playhouse - Help your cat take its role-play to the next level

Any cat owner will tell you that cats lurrrrve playing in boxes. But what games are they playing? What's going on in their furry little heads when leaping in and out of, or peeping through holes made in a box? Maybe, just maybe, our little feline friends are role-playing...

Well, if our cats are role-playing, and pretending to be either an army soldier, a fireman or a pilot, then designers Suck UK have just given you the chance to enhance your cats playtime and really help them look and feel the part.

The wacky designers have come up with their 'Cat Playhouse' range of cardboard "fold it yourself" models, in the shape of either an army tank, a fire engine or a fighter plane.

They come flat packed and ready to fold.
You can purchase them online from Suck UK for £15.00 each. Although, at the time of posting this, their site said that it was a "new range - due in soon".

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Chuck-A-Cheerleader - they don't mind

IMAGE: Cheerleader Toss InstructionsSimple instructions for the Cheerleader Toss game

Here is a nice, weird little game I stumbled across.
You get your chance to throw a cheerleader through the air, across a basketball court. All in the name of fun.

I have embedded a small version of it here as you can (barely) see.
Although, with it being a widescreen game, and me having limited width on here, I would recommend going to the full screen version.

But, for those of you that would like to stay where you are, the instructions are as pictured above and the aim of the game is to:

"aim for baskets and different targets around the auditorium. Hit all ten shots -- in as few shots as possible -- to make varsity"

Your 10 challenges to complete are lined up at the bottom of the screen. For those using the (unreadable) small version, they are:

IMAGE: Cheerleader Toss ChallengesComplete these 10 challenges in the smallest amount of shots