Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Use your cat as a coffee table!

IMAGE: Cat with pigtailsIf you haven't already, then I feel you NEED to check out
It will especially appeal to cat owners, but fans of just silliness in general will also enjoy it.
If you haven't worked it out from the site name, it's a site that displays pictures of 'stuff' on, err, people's cats.

Visitors to the site are actively encouraged to submit their own cat-with-stuff-on pics. And tons of people do. This must be how it is possible for them to publish a new cat pic every hour (sometimes every half hour).

IMAGE: Cat playing XboxWhat you put on your cat is up to you. As long as it isn't injuring the cat (pride and dignity not included), or illegal, I should imagine.

Some people dress their cats up (as above) or place gadgets or toys on them (see left) and sometimes even other pets.

IMAGE: Cat and lizardYou may have seen the site before, but it has recently had an updated image with a few new features. It's worth checking out the old site's archives too, as it houses all the old classic stuff that got the site known and pics you may have seen in their successful 'Stuff On My Cat' books.

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