Sunday, 29 November 2009

Need help fooling random drug tests?

IMAGE: Urine Luck detoxifying agentUrine Luck - A chemical detoxifying agent to fool random drug tests.

So, DO you need help fooling the random drugs tester? Well guess what? You're in luck with Urine Luck (hehe, you see what they did there?).

The ever helpful chaps at Spectrum Labs have developed a detoxifying agent called Urine Luck. A chemical agent that you simply add to your urine sample during a random drug test. You get two vials. And according to the website "Each vial is the size of a human pinkie finger." So you should be able to manage this with a little slight of hand.

So remember - don't let those pesky drug testers ruin your drug habit. Protect yourself with Urine Luck. Available to buy for just $31.99 at
And in case you haven't noticed - it says "200% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE" on the box!

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Dog tired? Have a cat nap!

IMAGE: Cat and dog role reversalA cat and a dog try a little role reversal

The dog has the expression of defeated acceptance. Staring at the wall instead of making eye contact with the photographer. The blank gaze of dignity lost.

As it turns out, sometimes the 'Top Dog' is a cat!

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Transformers - markets in disguise!

IMAGE: Transformers - Markets in disguiseThe amazing, transforming market-cum-railway track in Bangkok.

Don't let a mighty train interfere with the day-to-day running of your local market. Just do like these people in Bangkok, Thailand do; make way for each train as it comes, then regroup and camouflage the tracks with a working market again.

This is the "market-on-the-tracks" you may have already heard about. It is situated along the Mae Klong Railway in Thailand. Here it is uncovered so a train can pass through.

IMAGE: Mae Klong Railway market open for trainsThe market briefly split open to allow trains along the Mae Klong Railway.

And here it is once a train has passed. Just as if several tons of steel hadn't just rumbled through, inches from the stalls a few seconds ago.

IMAGE: Mae Klong Railway market coveredThe Mae Klong Railway market covered back over while no trains are due.

Still don't believe it? Well watch the temporary transformation in this amazing video.