Sunday, 22 November 2009

Transformers - markets in disguise!

IMAGE: Transformers - Markets in disguiseThe amazing, transforming market-cum-railway track in Bangkok.

Don't let a mighty train interfere with the day-to-day running of your local market. Just do like these people in Bangkok, Thailand do; make way for each train as it comes, then regroup and camouflage the tracks with a working market again.

This is the "market-on-the-tracks" you may have already heard about. It is situated along the Mae Klong Railway in Thailand. Here it is uncovered so a train can pass through.

IMAGE: Mae Klong Railway market open for trainsThe market briefly split open to allow trains along the Mae Klong Railway.

And here it is once a train has passed. Just as if several tons of steel hadn't just rumbled through, inches from the stalls a few seconds ago.

IMAGE: Mae Klong Railway market coveredThe Mae Klong Railway market covered back over while no trains are due.

Still don't believe it? Well watch the temporary transformation in this amazing video.

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