Monday, 22 February 2010

What if you need an inflatable colon?

IMAGE: Large scale, walk-in, inflatable colonLarge scale, walk-in, inflatable colon - Image:

You know what it's like. A buddy calls up and says "hey man, can I come round and borrow ya large scale, walk-in, inflatable colon? Mine's in the shop at the moment and I've got guests coming round!".

Well what do you do in these (all too common) situations? You contact these guys of course!
The Inflatable Design Group has got an inflatable in the shape of pretty much anything you can think of. And, if they haven't already, then they can make custom inflatables to pretty much anything you can think of.

But don't worry, it's not all giant, walk-in replicas of colons and such. They also do glamorous inflatables - like this wonderful giant snow globe.

IMAGE: Large inflatable snow globeLarge inflatable snow globe Image:

Friday, 12 February 2010

Norwegian frogmen versus Google cam car!

IMAGE: Two Norwegian frogmen sit and wait for Google's Street View cam carNorwegian frogmen in the mid day sun watch Google's Street View car pass by.

Of course Google's Street View is a controversial tool. A lot of people love it AND hate it at the same time. If that's your view then you are most likely a NIMBY.

As a NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) you hate that Google is roaming the streets, taking photos of your house, car and unkempt garden. But you love to use the tool to check out the parking near that place you plan to visit later. And it is mightily handy to view the house you're interested in buying without the current owner spotting you outside in your car setting up surveillance.

Whatever your view, there is no doubt that this is funny. And I wouldn't be surprised if it started a trend of other like minded folks performing their own variations in homage to these, soon-to-be internet heroes. Are they anti-privacy campaigners or just a couple of nutters up for a laugh? Who knows?

Here is a direct link to where it starts. You should see two frogmen sitting in garden chairs (as above). From there you want to move one place to the right (click on right hand white arrow on screen), you should now be facing a white shed type building. without moving from that spot, turn the camera view to the left so the guys are behind you. Keep clicking towards yourself to watch the frogmen chase you down the street!

IMAGE: Norwegian frogmen give chase to Street View cam car 2IMAGE: Norwegian frogmen give chase to Street View cam car 3IMAGE: Norwegian frogmen give chase to Street View cam car 4IMAGE: Norwegian frogmen give chase to Street View cam car 5IMAGE: Norwegian frogmen give chase to Street View cam car 6IMAGE: Norwegian frogmen give chase to Street View cam car 7This story was reported by Norwegian newspaper AftenPosten.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

3-year-old girl explains Star Wars

IMAGE: Star Wars posterImagine this - you have never seen or even heard of Star Wars!

Well there must be some people on the planet like that. So if you happen to come across one of these poor souls wandering the streets aimlessly, muttering "Star wah now? ... da wah wars?", please do the decent thing and direct them to this 3-year-old girl's brief synopsis video. Where they will be enlightened and will probably thank you for it too.