Monday, 31 October 2011

Flashing pumpkins

This pumpkin couple flash their neighbours
You've heard of Smashing Pumpkins, well here's 'flashing pumpkins'.

This householder decided to show his neighbours and passing traffic exactly what he thought of them.

Bad taste kids costume - Little Hitler

Little boy dressed as Adolf Hitler complete with juice cup.
Inspired by Prince Harry, this tyrannical toddler decided to dress like his hero.
Seen here in full Adolf Hitler costume fit for a prince.

Dog dressed as USS Enterprise

Dog dressed up in home made USS Enterprise costume
This dog has a look on its face like "dude, you're drunk. Can we stop this now?".

This picture conjures up images in my mind of somebody that's had a few too many beers (although Bud Light) while bored watching some TV and thought "Hey I could probably make something awesome out of all these empty cans!".

At this moment the unsuspecting dog probably wandered by and 'pow' inspiration was had.

I'm sure more beers were consumed during the creative process of building this artwork, which may go some way into explaining why the creator decided after all the effort of getting the shape how he wanted, to then just scrawl USS Enterprise on the side instead of painting the thing.

Spiderdog - Doggy Halloween costume

Little dog in spider costume for Halloween
You've heard of Spiderman and even Homer Simpson's Spiderpig, but what about Spiderdog?

Awesome Homer Simpson pumpkin

Amazing Homer Simpson pumpkin carving!
Here's an amazing looking Jack-O-Lantern for all you Simpsons fans.

The various cut depths and the added paintwork really bring this out. It'd be a shame to watch this artwork rot down.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Hitler's alive and touring London!

Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun do some sightseeing around London
Adolf Hitler seems to feel it's been long enough now for him to break cover.

He looks surprised to be having his photo taken and is perhaps saying to the lady next to him:
"What really?... Oh come on, that was years ago. What too soon? Water under the bridge surely?".

To which I like to imagine she replied with:
"Well it seems not love. And don't bloody call me Shirley!"

Monday, 24 October 2011

Test your vocabulary for research

Test your vocabulary at
Quick question: How many words do you know, or think you know?

Now apparently this doesn't include the words you 'sort of know', but words you definitely know. As in you can give at least one definition of them accurately.

Well if you'd like a rough idea of the extent of your vocabulary and would also like to help out a research project at the same time then head on over to and take their very short test.

You can even bookmark your results to share (show off) with friends and family.

Here's a short description of the project from their site:
" is part of an independent American-Brazilian research project to measure vocabulary sizes according to age and education, and particularly to compare native learning rates with foreign language classroom learning rates."

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Shark attacked surfer's shark bite tattoo!

Surfer has shark tattoo on remains of arm that was bitten off in shark attack!
This cool looking shark tattoo is allegedly on the remaining arm stump of a surfer that was attacked and had his arm bitten off by a shark.

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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Plastic surgery to look like Superman!

Herbert Chavez had plastic surgery to look like his hero Superman.
What happens when someone's hero in life is a superhero?

Filipino dress designer Herbert Chavez has had a life long obsession with one superhero in particular; namely Superman.

Herbert doesn't just want to worship Superman, he wants to actually look like Superman. Although it is not quite clear which one exactly.
In his free time he walks around Calamba City, his hometown in the Philippines to the joy and amusement of the children there. 

Mr Chavez has gone to great lengths to appear more and more like Superman. He has had skin whitening injections to lighten his skin and has even undergone plastic surgery to change his nose and face proportions to match his hero.

But he says it doesn't stop there as he plans to have further surgery to change the appearance of his abdomen, also to have metal implanted into his legs to make him taller.

Read more and see the video at: BBC World News

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Two similar but very different shark tales!

This cinema listing shows two shark themed stories but from very different angles.

The shark films listed in situ.
This here is a recent cinema listing I came across.
Two shark films are out at the moment, but the stories are told from VERY different angles.
Both include sharks and teenagers but read the brief descriptions under each.

Now I'm not sure if this is an unfortunate coincidence or, the person responsible for listing the latest films showing has placed these side-by-side for amusement.

I like to think it was on purpose just to see if anyone is taking notice. As you can see they are both about sharks of course but that's not why they are together.

I believe it's just a coincidental case while listing them, rather predictably, in alphabetical order as you can see from the longer pic to your right.

Shark Night 3D and Soul Surfer are sandwiched between Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Speedy Singhs.

But just imagine if you were the person whose heroic survival story was the basis for the film Soul Surfer and when attending the premier you see Shark Night 3D next to your poster!

Monday, 3 October 2011

Going to the store!

David Lewandowski's short: 'Going To The Store' is an obvious internet hit.
Here is a great video that falls nicely into the Weird and Wonderful categories. It's nice and odd, with a perfectly matched quirky tune from the amazing Jean Jaques Perrey (of E.V.A. fame) called "Little Ships".
The video is called: "Going To The Store" and is directed by David Lewandowski.

It's just perfect internet viewing. It's exactly what we want to see to brighten up our day. Exactly the kind of thing everyday people like to forward onto others.

Its popularity speaks for itself.
The video was only uploaded to You Tube on 2nd September 2011. And in one month has almost made it to the 5 million views mark! The video even amassed over 550k views in its first 24 hours!
It has even spawned spoof/parody videos based on it... already.

Let the silliness prevail. Turn the music up, watch and enjoy.

Check out David lewandowski's site

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Solar powered cigarette lighter!

Solar powered cigarette lighter
 Fed up with having to remember to keep your boxes of matches out of the reach of your children? Or having said matches snap while striking them against the crappy box for the eleventh time?

Worried about keeping vast quantities of dangerous lighter fuel sitting around your home?

Lost count of how many disposable lighters with just a few drips of fuel left in them there are scattered around your house, car and in several pockets?

Then why don't you just 'take the solar option!'
Solar power is the future they say. Although this contraption doesn't look very futuristic I grant you.

Reminds me of the brilliant Harry Hill joke:
"It's only when you look at an ant through a magnifying glass on a sunny day that you realise how often they burst into flames"