Monday, 3 October 2011

Going to the store!

David Lewandowski's short: 'Going To The Store' is an obvious internet hit.
Here is a great video that falls nicely into the Weird and Wonderful categories. It's nice and odd, with a perfectly matched quirky tune from the amazing Jean Jaques Perrey (of E.V.A. fame) called "Little Ships".
The video is called: "Going To The Store" and is directed by David Lewandowski.

It's just perfect internet viewing. It's exactly what we want to see to brighten up our day. Exactly the kind of thing everyday people like to forward onto others.

Its popularity speaks for itself.
The video was only uploaded to You Tube on 2nd September 2011. And in one month has almost made it to the 5 million views mark! The video even amassed over 550k views in its first 24 hours!
It has even spawned spoof/parody videos based on it... already.

Let the silliness prevail. Turn the music up, watch and enjoy.

Check out David lewandowski's site

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