Saturday, 11 February 2012

Noodle eating hair guard!

Keep your long hair out of the noodles with this hair guard.

So, you like eating bowls of noodles but you have long hair.

Every time you lean forward your hair falls into the juice and gets soaked and you end up with noodle stinking hair all day.
Even worse, you might not notice your hair has gone in and got tangled up with the noodles and you swallow down a few inches of human hair soup.
It is a Health and Safety nightmare!

Before, this would've been a big problem for the long-haired freaks among you. You would have had to make that hard choice that many a heavy metal band member has had to make - my lovely luscious locks of hair or nice noodle nom nom nomming.

Well that was until NOW!
Now you can safely secure this (hardly noticeable) hair guard for safer and drier noodle slurping sessions.

It's unique stretchy, flexible design allows it to securely fasten to even the oddest shape face.

What a godsend I hear you cry. Finally all you hippies and rockers can join the rest of humanity and feel noodle normality.

Alternatively as a last resort: tie your hair back.

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